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Optical Electronics is the study of electronic device which is used to interact with light . Example of optoelectronic device are telecommunication laser , optical fiber , photodiodes , solar cells , blue laser etc . Features of optoelectronic device – long wavelength , low cost , high power light source , easy fabricated material ,multiwavelength source etc . Major optoelectronic device are light emitting diode , laser diode , photodiode and solar cell .Light emitting diode : It is the semiconductor diode where p-n junction takes plce in forward biased direction , incoherent narrow spectrum light is emitted . Si , Ge , GaAs , InP etc are the semiconductor materials .

Applications of led – Display , solid state lightning ,remote control etc .

Laser diode : It is light amplification by stimulated emission in which photon emission process takes place .
Photo diode: Electron is excited when photon of sufficient energy strikes the diode. It is a p-n junction or p-i-n structure .

Solar cells – It is used to convert light energy into electricity . No pollution and green house gases are created.

Application of optoelectronic device - telecommunication, entertainment devices, computational techniques, clean energy
harvesting and medical instrumentation .

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Topics for Optical electronics coursework help:

  • Electrooptics and acoustooptics, photonic switching,Fiber optic communication systems,Laser,Electromagnetic theory,Rays & spherical waves
  • Lens waveguide,Fabry-perot cavity,Lens-like media,Stability diagram,Optical beams,Propagation of gaussian beams,Higher order modes,Guided waves
  • Optical resonators,Stable &unstable resonators,Distributed feedback ,Distributed bragg reflectors,Gain in active media,Semi-classical theory,Threshold conditions

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Complex topics covered by Optical electronics Online experts :

  • Amplifiers,Injection,Locking,Saturation behavior,Q-switching,Mode locking,Solid state ,Atomic ,Molecular,Excimer ,Fiber,Semiconductor
  • Nonlinear processes,Harmonic generation,Parametric processes,Microresonators ,Random lasers,Quantum electronics
  • Interaction of light and matter in atomic systems,Semiconductors,Laser amplifiers and laser systems,Photodetection

Our online Optical electronics help is available for bachelors, masters & research level Optical electronics assignments.

Electromagnetic theory
Rays & spherical waves
Lens waveguide
Fabry-perot cavity
Lens-like media
Stability diagram
Optical beams
Propagation of gaussian beams
Higher order modes
Guided waves
Optical resonators
Stable &unstable resonators
Distributed feedback
Distributed bragg reflectors
Gain in active media
Semi-classical theory
Threshold conditions
Saturation behavior
Mode locking
Solid state
Nonlinear processes
Harmonic generation
Parametric processes
Random lasers

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