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Optical engineering deals with the application of optics . components of optical engineering are lenses , microscopes , telescopes and other instrument which was based on the property of light . In optical engineering , there is optical communication in which optical signal is transmitted from the transmitter , then this optical signal is modified by the medium and receiver reproduces the original signal .
Optical transmitter : The main function of optical transmitter is to convert the electrical data into electrical stream bit with the help of modulator . carrier frequency varies from 185 to 200 THz.
Communication channel : it is used to transmit optical stream bit to the receiver . single mode fiber with low losses act as communication channel .Optical receiver : It converts the optical bit stream into original electrical form with the help of demodulator . fiber loss limits the transmitted distance .Optical fiber is used as channel in optical communication . optical fiber includes core , cladding and buffer coating . optical fiber is based on number of modes and refractive index.Application of optical engineering – fiber optic sensor , marine application , military fiber optics , broadcast fiber

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Topics for Optical Engineering coursework help:

  • Random variables,Moments,transformations,Statistical optics,Inverse problems,Fourier optics ,Gaussians,Random processes,Gaussian,Poisson,Random processes: analytic representation,1st-order light statistics,2nd-order light statistics coherence
  • The van cittert-zernicke theorem,The intensity interferometer,Stellar interferometer,Radio astronomy,Optical coherence tomography,Information theory: entropy,Mutual information,Convolutions,Sampling,Fourier transforms
  • Information-ttheoretic view of inverse problems,Imaging channels,Regularization,Tomography,Radon transform,Slice projection theorem,Filtered backprojection,Super-resolution,Image restoration,Information-theoretic performance of inversion methods,Lasers and cameras

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Complex topics covered by Optical Engineering Online experts :

  • Implementations of light emitting,Light capture devices and selected applications,Imaging and holography,Concepts of image formation,Wave theory and diffraction ,Applications of interferometry and holography
  • Fibre optics,Principles of fibre optics based systems,Semi-conductor lasers,Mode shapes and construction; launching,Transmitting and receiving optical signal,Optical processing,Microscopy,Thermal imaging and doppler vibrometry
  • Geometrical optics,Wave optics,Polarization,Interference,Diffraction,Imaging,Waveguides,Optical instruments,Lasers,And photonics,Nature of light,Ray-optics,Wave optics,Optical phenomenan

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  • Nature of light, ray-optics, wave optics and optical phenomena.
  • Lasers and Cameras
  • Physical principles and practical implementations of light emitting and light capture devices and selected applications
  • Imaging and Holography
  • Concepts of image formation, wave theory and diffraction
  • Applications of interferometry and holography
  • Fibre Optics
  • Principles of fibre optics based systems, semi-conductor lasers, mode shapes and construction; launching, transmitting and receiving optical signals.
  • Optical processing, microscopy, thermal imaging and Doppler vibrometry, nature of light,geometrical optics, wave optics, polarization, interference, diffraction, imaging, waveguides,optical instruments, lasers, and photonics

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