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Optoelectronics is the study of electronic device which is used to interact with light . Major optoelectronic device are light emitting diode , laser diode , photodiodes and solar cells .

Light emitting diode : It is a p-n junction diode .In this diode , recombination of electron – hole takes place which release energy in the form of photons .Light is produced which is determined by the energy band gap . Low intensity infrared light is produced by light emitting diode .
Laser diode : It is electrically PIN diode . Laser diode is divided into three processes .- light absorption , spontaneous emission and Stimulated emission . There are various types of laser diode – Quantum well laser , Quantum cascade laser , Double heterostructure lasers etc .
Solar cells : It is the process of converting energy of light into electricity by photovoltaic effect . These cells consume no fuel , create no pollution , cheaper as compared to electricity , produce no greenhouse gases . solar cells are used in sun tracking solar panel , solar power charge controller , solar energy measurement system .


Application of optoelectronics are
Optical fiber communication


Topics for Optoelectronics Assignment help :

  • Optical communications 
  • Slab, strip, and fibre waveguides
  • Light-emitting and laser diodes
  • Optical amplifiers
  • Pin photodiodes
  • Noise
  • Receivers and detection errors

Complex topics covered by Optoelectronics Assignment online experts :

  • Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices
  • Photodiodes, Solar Cells, Light-emitting Diodes, Laser Diodes, And Ccds
  • Photovoltaics, Displays, Photodetection, And Optical Communications
  • Optoelectronic Devices
  • Interaction Of Light With Semiconductor Materials
  • Phenomena Of Absorption
  • Electroluminescence
  • Stimulated Emission
  • Direct And Indirect Compound Semiconductors
  • Photodiodes, Light Emitting Diodes (Leds), Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, And Laser
  • Diodes
  • Array Detectors,
  • Complementary Metal-oxidesemiconductor
  • (Cmos)
  • Charge-coupled Devices (Ccd) Arrays,
  • Array Leds
  • Solar Cells, Imaging With Array Detectors, And Led Displays

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