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ORACLE programming

Oracle programming is a type of programming which is used to design the oracle applications. Combination of technologies and various programming styles is necessary for the Oracle programming.

Oracle database is a widely used RDBMS which is used for managing and processing the large amount of data across local and wide area network. It is mainly used by the enterprisers. Few techniques for Oracle programming are listed below:

  • Access Database links with Data: after creating database link, access the remote object by adjoining dblink to the view name or table.
  • Collections: A user use collections to store row and columns in session state. Due to this, they can be manipulated, accessed or processed during a user’s specific session.
  • Create CAR (customer activity report) by using HTMLDB_ACTIVITY_LOG: HTMLDB_ACTIVITY_LOG is used to view all activity of the current session to the query.
  • Running background PL/SQL: to run the PL/SQL code in the background of a application, user use a specific package which is known as HTML_PLSQL_JOB.
  • SOAP based Web services: Simple Object Access Protocol is a standard protocol used for receiving and sending the requests and response across the internet. It is easy to use because it based on XML.

For building an application, user creates a database which relies on the SQL language. First, user creates the graphical objects in the tools, then link PL/SQL code with these objects by using triggers. User also can create the fully functioned screen with the help of radio groups, pictures menus and buttons. These all are the graphical objects of the program that the user can view and work upon.

PL/SQL refers to the Procedural Language/ Structure Query Language. Some features of PL/SQL are as follows:

  • Supports structured programming and object oriented programming
  • Comes with error checking and various data types
  • Integrated with the SQL
  • Supports server pages and development of web applications.

Furthermore, after assembling the graphical objects in tools, a user associates the PL/SQL code with those objects with the help of different types of triggers. All the triggers implemented in the PL/SQL as it comes with various data types, programming structures, extensive error checking and many other features.

Oracle form is an application development tool of Oracle which is used to build and design the enterprise application quickly. Application of Oracle forms involves the major five layers of code which are as follows:

  • Graphical objects: graphical objects directly accessed by the user.
  • Form based PL/SQL: Form based PL/SQL implements non default function in an application, and executed by a trigger only.
  • Event Triggers: event triggers can be triggered by the user activity.
  • Relational Database System-based PL/SQL: database triggers and stored procedures are executed in this.
  • SQL: in this, DDL and DML statements used to create the data in the Oracle server.

Well known API that involved in the Oracle are as follows:

  • OCI- Oracle Cell Interface (OCI) is an API which is used in Oracle for creating the applications. It enables user to create the applications that use the function calls to access the Oracle database Server.
  • OCCI- Oracle C++ Call Interface allows user to use the C++ language methods and OOPS features to access the Oracle database.
  • Oracle Objects for OLE- it is a database API that involved in Oracle. It permits easy access to data which is stored in the database of Oracle with any scripting and programming language. Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O) comprises of the different software layers, including Automation server of Oracle Objects for OLE, Oracle Data Control and Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library.

Moreover, Oracle provides an interface which enables applications to access the Oracle database. This interface is named as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), it permit user to connect a database and run the SQL statement on that database. ODBC can access any data source without effort by using an ODBC driver.

An ActiveX Control which is use to exchange of data between visual controls and an Oracle database is known as Oracle Data Control. It handles the flow of information from visual data-aware control and Oracle database. Oracle 12c is the Latest version of Oracle which comes with the advance features such as multitenant architecture, pluggable database through database consolidation and many more.

For preventing the destructive and interference of simultaneous conflicting in DML operations, Oracle provides a data lock which is known as DML locking. It is used to product data of rows and columns by using two types of lock, TX lock and TM lock. In some domain, where row locking is extensive, a user can control the DML operation if the any of the given event occurs in the DML operation:

  • Waits indefinitely
  • Fails immediately
  • Waits for a specific period of time

PL/Vision is another major concept that involved in the Oracle. It is a collection of the PL/SQL packages and supports the SQL* Plus scripts which permits user to develop application with the PL/SQL language. PL/Vision is improves the productivity, minimize and fix the errors in code, and develop the coding standard.

All graduates and researchers might need the following advanced concepts involved in Oracle if they are working on their advanced projects and thesis:

  • PL/SQL Packages
  • PL/SQL Development Spiral
  • PL/Vision Package Specifications
  • PLV
  • PLVtab
  • PLVprs, PLVtkn, and PLVprsps
  • PLVfile
  • PLVio

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  • PLVlog and PLVtrc
  • PLVcmt and PLVrb
  • PLVdyn and PLVfk
  • PLVcase and PLVcat
  • PLVhlp
  • PLVgen
  • PLVgen
  • PLVtmr
  • Exception Handling


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Oracle has targeted high-end workstations and minicomputers as the server platforms to run its database systems. The relational database was the first which support the SQL language.

Oracle database can be defined as a relational database management system. It is relational database engines which is widely-used. It includes the collection of data which is treated as a unit. The system is developed in a relational database framework in which users are able to access the data objects directly through a language called structured query language which is also named as SQL. 
The architecture of Oracle is a completely scalable & is usually used by the global enterprises, by which the data is managed & processed across broad & local area networks. The Oracle database contains its own component of network for allowing communications all over the networks. Oracle DB is also called Oracle or Oracle RDBMS.
The main function of a database is storing & retrieving the related information. For solving the information management related problems, a database server is the main key. A large amount of data in a multiuser environment is managed by a server, so that large number of users has the capability to access the same data concurrently.  An unauthorized access is also prevented by the database server. It also provides efficient solutions for the recovery of any failure.
There are many features of Oracle database including locking mechanisms, portability, concurrency, Quiesce database, read consistency and real application clusters.


Our Oracle Database Assignment help tutors have years of experience in handling complex queries related to various complex topics like - DDL (Data Definition Language) Once the ERD is approved, the next step is to create the objects (attributes, entities & relationships etc) as defined in the ERD using Structured Query Language (DDL) :
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Oracle Database Applications homework help topics include:

  • Drop statements objects in the lab project,Oracle Auditing,Effective Backup Techniques
  • Create statements for all objects of the lab project,Managing Processes,Recovering the Database
  • Oracle Architecture,Oracle Software,Database and Planning for Growth,Managing the Oracle RDBMS

Generally topics like Create indexes for foreign keys are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Using Oracle Clusters, Stored Procedures, and Database Links,Managing Job Queues ,Views .The database has two main structure, logical structures and physical structures.Physical and logical structures are separate, the physical one is the storage of data that can be managed without affecting the access to logical storage structures

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Oracle tables are the basic storage component in the Oracle database. Information is stored in tables in the form of columns and rows. The data which is represent in these tables can be accessed using SQL data manipulation language i.e.select, insert, update and  delete. Tables are used in Oracle for the applications and by the end users so as  to retrieve and manage data which is in very large amount.If you are facing any difficulty in your Oracle database assignment questions then you are at the right place. We have more than 3000 experts for different domains.

Oracle Database Applications help for complex topics such as :

  • Create trigger,Administering Databases and Datafiles,Tablespaces,Redo Logs, Control Files
  • Check content of catalog,Rollback Segments,Managing Data,User Accounts
  • Sorting Data,Limit the rows,Sort the rows,Single-Row Functions,functions available in SQL

This section should also contain suitable DML (select statements on catalog/data dictionary such as user_objects or user_tables) to demonstrate the proper functioning of each object ,DML (Data Manipulation Language)

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