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Pascal programming is a type of programming that uses Pascal language to perform the task. It is defined as a  high-level language which is broadly used as a teaching or as a starting language.Pascal is best known because of its structured programming techniques. The nature of the language forces the programmers to design programs methodically and carefully to achieve the task. 
It allows you to build up a program as a series of separate parts which fitted together so as to construct a solution to the problem in hand. This leads to a programming approach in which you divide the problem so as to solved it into a number of sub-tasks and then write a series of smaller programs to solve each of them individually.
This form of programming methodology is called as Top Down and it helps in manage the probelems and finding its solution, for example once the overall structure of the complete system has been decide, than people could work on each of the subprograms. 
PASCAL also allows you to build structures to hold the data which you are process with your programs.Early programming languages only provided mechanisms for storing very simple forms of data, of mainly numeric form. PASCAL allows you to build up and manipulate a structure which holds items of data specific to your application.
Variables are defined within the var segment of the program. All variables must be declared before they are used else it will show error. If, during a program, you refer to a variable which does not exist, because you misspell it then the PASCAL compiler will detect this and flag an error.The ";" at the end of each declaration marks the end of it, and separates it from the next declaration.
PASCAL contains a number of standard types which includes integer, real, boolean, and char.Some of them are defined below:-
Boolean Type 
The type boolean can hold a value which is True or False. You would use such a variable in a program when you wished to hold a value which could have one of two possible values.
Character Type 
The type char holds a single text character,it include the letter which can be represent by a single key press on the keyboard or by a single letter on the screen.

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