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Photonics is the branch of technology that deals with the properties and transmission of photons. Photonics include various processes like emission , transmission , amplification , detection and modulation of light .
Emission : Photonics uses light which are emitted from light sources such as light emitting diode , superluminescent diode , fluorescent lamps , cathode ray tubes , plasma screen etc
Transmission : Light is transmitted through transparent medium . example : photonic crystals , photonic crystals fiber , metamaterials etc .
Amplification : optical signals are amplified by optical amplifiers . Examples - semiconductor optical amplifier , Raman amplifier etc
Detection : light is detected by photo detectors . The range of the photo detector varies from fast photodiodes over medium charge coupled devices.
Modulation : Information are encoded on light source by light source . For example flas light is used to send morse code.
Application of photonics - light detection , telecommunications , information processing , photonic computing , metrology , spectroscopy , military technology , laser material , visual art , biophotonics , robotics etc .

Topics for Photonics Assignment  help :

  • Overview ray,wave,gaussian beam optics,optical components,photonic systems,Fourier optics,image processing,optical correlation,holography,electro optical,optical switches,holographic,applications optical computing systems, Ray optics, wave optics, Fourier optics, electromagnetic optics, polarization,optics, guided wave optics, fiber optics, optical fiber communications, integrated photonics ,Geometrical optics: Optical rays. Refractive index. Fermat’s principle. Reflection and,refraction from planar mirrors and boundaries between media of different refractive indexes
  • Total internal reflection. single-lens imaging, microscopes, telescopes, prism,scanning systems, concentrators, optical fibers,Physical optics: Wave propagation. Planar and spherical waves. Reflection and refraction,from planar mirrors and planar boundaries between media of different refractive indexes.,Comparison between geometrical and wave optics
  • Interference of light and optical interferometers. Applications: optical sensing and,metrology,Diffraction of light. Applications: resolution of imaging systems. Angular spreading and,focusing of optical beams,Diffraction gratings and grating spectrometers,Polarization and polarization devices (polarizers, retarders, rotators),Light as Photons. Brief introduction to absorption, emission, and luminescence,Optical devices: detectors, LEDs, and lasers

Complex topics covered by Photonics Assignment  online experts :

  • Materials for photonics and integrated optoelectronics. Passive devices for integrated photonics (IP). Design of devices for IP, AWG. Photonic crystals and their applications. Silicon nanophotonics. Semiconductor lasers for IP. Integrated optoelectronics. Integrated optical transmitters and receivers. Optical modulators
  • Photonic switching, routing and wavelength convertors, Passive photonic devices,Optical waveguides,Resonators,Photonic crystals ,Plasmonics,Active photonic devices,Semiconductor lasers,LED and Amplifiers,Detectors ,Electro-optic and optoelectronic devices,Modulators ,Optoelectronic integration ,Solar cell 
  • Digital imaging and display,Photonics in lighting,Optical Amplifiers,Silicon Photonics,Plasmon based Nanophotonics,Emerging Areas in Photonics,Numerical Methods - FDTD & FEM, CAD,Semiconductor Lasers,Optoelectronic Integration

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