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Poisson – distribution is a discrete frequency distribution. The probability of a number of independent events occurring at a fixed time is given by the poisson - distribution . poisson distribution , binomial, hypergeometric and exponential distribution are closely connected with each other.
It is derived by the formula –
P(x; µ) = (e-µ) (µx) / x!
Where e = constant . its value is 2.71828, µ =mean number of successes, x = actual number of successes, P(x; µ) = poisson probability
Poisson – distribution has two properties –
1. µ is equal to the mean of the distribution .
2. µ is equal to the variance.
Application of poisson – distribution are
Car accidents
Rare diseases like leukemia
Traffic flow and ideal gap distance
Failure of machine
Birth defects and genetic mutations
Number of typing error on page

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