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Some of the homework help topics include :
  • PostgreSQL - DBMS, Topology, key systems, key PostgreSQL features, 'psql' - Terminal Monitor Usage, benefits, Connect to PostgreSQL instance, Access Control, configuration, default environment, subnet access, Log Configuration, Peruse default setup, configuration to log simultaneously to multiple destinations, log data, intra-category types, SQL - Data Definition Language (DDL), generate objects, DROP, ALTER ,change structural definitions, storage requirements
  • SQL - Data Manipulation Language (DML), Populate tables, Bulk-copy items to tables with COPY, Query tables using SELECT, Combine tables with JOINs, VIEWs on queries of interest, Quantify with Aggregate Functions, Modify ,UPDATE, DELETE, Indexes defaults queries that hit and miss indices table indices PostgreSQL - Functions built-in functions, Apply functions to data sets, Nest functions, Model: /var/log/messages, Create data model, Generate SQL schema
  • Transform & Import data, Perform queries, Perl script to parse & transform: /var/log/messages for importation, 'libpg' & Update Perl script to connect to PostgreSQL, SQL Object Permissions, access control, PostgreSQL permissions-set, GRANT, Revoke to unassign privileges, Create test users ,permissions, DBMS Archival & Restoration, Archive: DBs & Tables, Test restorations, Restore cross-platform to Windows, Restore cross-system to disparate distribution, Security, clear-text environment with: TCPDump, SSH tunnels to secure transport layer, 'psql' sessions across SSH tunnels, Bolster security with SSL, PostgreSQL configuration appropo, SSL communications, Intercept SSL traffic with: TCPDump for analysis

data models
database design
core database system components (e.g. transactions, recovery, query processing)
distributed databases
systems for data analytics

PostgreSQL Internals
PostgreSQL Configuration
PostgreSQL Tuning
PostgreSQL Benchmarking
PostgreSQL Extensions
PostgreSQL Backups
PostgreSQL Streaming Replication and HA

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