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Project Management

Project Management is the activity of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling in order to achieve specific roles. A project is a planned activityin whichproject manager is a person who causes things to happentherefore, project management is causing a planned activity to happen. A project manager plays very important role in this whole process a Good Project Manager takes ownership of the whole project.  Project is adequately planned by the manager.

Things that have to be focused for a good project management clear vision of goal, effective team, planning of activities and tasks, clarity of responsibilities and good communications. In advanced Project Management the main principles are informed and supportive sponsorship delegating authority to the project manager, dedicated team of qualified people to do the work, integrated plan that outlines actions required, integrated plan that outlines actions required, Budget of costs and resources.

Nowadays projects become more complex and sophisticated. This demands effective project management tools and the understanding of the business environment from the project manager and through the project management we achieve targeted goals easily without any difficulty.  Project Management results in effective and efficient completion of a project. Project management helps in achieving the set targets effectively and efficiently.

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Some of the homework help topics include:

  •  The Planning Stage 
  •  Determine the Scope of Work 
  •  Scope Management Plan 
  •  The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 
  •  Creating the Work Breakdown Structure, WBS 

Generally topics like Mathematical Method, PERT , PERT Calculations , Buffer Time , The Project Schedule are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Project Schedule Charts , Updating Project Assumption & Time Constraints.

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Help for complex topics like:

  •  The Project Initiation Stage 
  •  Identifying What has Triggered your Project 
  •  Project Management Roles 

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Topics like Assigning Resources and Responsibility , Planning the Cost Element & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.

Get instant help for Project Management Report writing, Technical reports on Project Management including title page, executive summary, table of contents ,introduction, literature review, results and findings, conclusion, recommendations, references ,appendices, proofreading

We have excellent writers for writing Case studies on Project Management. It covers Library research, Interviews, Questionnaires, Observation Diaries, Historical documents, Collection of current documents etc.

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 Project Management 
  •  Project
  •  Project Constraints 
  •  Nature of Projects 
  •  Project Life Cycle 
  •  Project Identification 
The Project Initiation Stage
  •  Project Definition Document , The Product Description, Determining Project Goals, Brainstorming and Consultation: Determine Goals 
  •  Determining Project Specifications, Determine Project Deliverables, Determine Project Constraints, Determine Project Assumption 
  •  Presenting Your Business Case, Speaking to the Business Need, Presenting the Business Case, Completing the Project Definition Document 
Project Planning Stage 
  • Resource Identification , Cost Estimation Methods , Administrative Costs , Buffer Costs , Procurement Plan , Human Resource Management Plan , Project Cost Constraints and Assumptions
  • Planning the Quality Element , Decision Making and Risk Taking Skills , Team Building for Project Leaders :, Team Building , Leadership vs. Management , Responsibilities of a Team Leader , Team Building Benefits , Team Selection
  • Team Communication ,  Conflict Resolution , Motivating Teams , Coaching Teams , Motivation :, Desires and Needs , Encouraging Performance , Morale , Improving Morale , Building Loyalty in Teams
Implementing the Project Plan 
  •  Implementing the Project Plan, Implementing the Procurement Plan, Quality Control and Assurance Measures 
  •  Business Communication Model, Performance Tracking, Earned Value Analysis , Change Management 
  •  Budgetary Control Measures, Implementation Stage: Project Management Areas 
 Closing Stage 
  •  Acceptance of Deliverables, Releasing Resources 
  •  Acceptance of Contracts, Disassembling Project Team Members, Project Documentation
Project management
  • Nature of projects, Building a business case, Managing and leading projects, Planning, monitoring and controlling projects.
  • Concluding a project, Financial Analysis, Link between strategy and finance, Finance decisions to formulate.
  • Business strategy, The role of cost, Strategic planning and implementation, Financial implications of making strategic, Choices and of implementing strategic actions
  • nature of projects, Features of projects and constraints, Implications of the triple constraint, Scope
  • Time, Cost,Managing Activities Associated With Complex, Multidisciplinary Projects
Relationship between organisational strategy and project management.Plan to manage risks.
A B E 218. Project Management & Design in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Critical path,Gantt charts,resource allocations,basic project budgeting,project management software,Engineering design approaches, ,Project Management Frameworks,Project Life Cycles,Project Definition,Stakeholder Analysis
  • Planning,Management Processes,Project Schedule,Identifying Project Resources,Assigning Project Resources,Project Team Management,Performance,Directing ,Controlling ,Deliverable Verification
  • Phase Closure,Scope Management,Leading the Team,Time Management,Cost Management,Quality Management,Program Management ,Petersen Events Center Case,Risk Management,Agile Project Management
  • Leadership Attributes,project management ,terminology,project lifecycle,project teamwork,managing stakeholders,Team development,project stages,project planning,Budgeting ,scheduling,Critical Path methodology
  • Project control,Earned Value,Risk management ,effective negotiation,project failure ,meeting management ,project closure,Microsoft Project,Project presentations

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