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Revenue Management And Pricing Assignment help

Get custom writing services for Revenue management and pricing Assignment help & Revenue management and pricing Homework help. Our Revenue management and pricing Online tutors are available for instant help for Revenue management and pricing assignments & problems.

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Topics Help For Revenue Management And Pricing Assignment help 

  • Quantity-based RM;capacity allocation and protection;levels for a single leg ;single and multiple fare classes;Price-based RM: Basic pricing theory;dynamic pricing;Network RM;decomposition methods;approximate dynamic programming
  • stochastic approximation techniques.;Choice-based RM;Choice models;assortment optimization;Joint demand estimation and RM;dynamic pricing with demand learning;multiarmed bandit paradigm;contextual bandits
  • Price discrimination;Customer segmentation;Pricing in Competitive settings;Pricing under Bertrand ;Cournot competition;Pricing under network externalities;role of network structure;Econometric Methods in RM;Learning customer behavior
  • A/B testing;Single resource RM;Multi-class problem;Expected marginal value to control sales;Demand Forecasting and Data Analysis;Time-series forecasting ;perfect demand segmentation models;Estimation techniques
  • Leveraging the single resource RM problem;Extension to consumer choice models;Capacity control mechanisms;Linear Programming approach to Revenue Management;Theories of Pricing;Pricing Game;Constrained pricing policies
  • Surge Pricing and E-Commerce Pricing;Customized pricing and e-commerce;Markdown policies and liquidations;Pricing with supply constraints.;Retail Game;Management Problems;Computational methods in Revenue Management
  • Imperfect segmentation model;Discrete choice models;Customer management ;strategic purchasing behavior;RM Process management ;Display advertising;Bundling and RM

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