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Ruby is an easy to use object-oriented scripting language. It is extremely flexible and contains many of the best features of other languages. Its simplicity and portability make it the language of choice for many of today's developers.

Features of Ruby Language: 

  • Eiffel and Ada inspired syntax, demonstrating its simplicity, Pure object-oriented language, in the sense that it is closer to Smalltalk than Perl, Extremely portable, working in UNIX, DOS, Windows, Mac, BeOS, OS/2, etc ,Introduction to Ruby Programming Language ,Ruby Overview ,Ruby Environment ,Ruby Syntax ,Ruby Classes ,Ruby Variables ,Ruby Operators.
  • Ruby Comments ,Ruby IF...ELSE ,Ruby Loops ,Ruby Methods ,Ruby Blocks ,Ruby Modules ,Ruby Strings ,Ruby Arrays ,Ruby Hashes ,Ruby Date & Time ,Ruby Ranges ,Ruby Iterators, Ruby File I/O ,Ruby Exceptions ,Advanced Ruby ,Ruby Object Oriented ,Ruby Regular Expressions ,Ruby Database Access, Ruby Web Applications ,Ruby Sending Email ,Ruby Socket Programming ,Ruby/XML, XSLT ,Ruby Web Services ,Ruby/Tk Guide ,Ruby/LDAP Tutorial.
  • Ruby Multithreading ,Ruby Useful References ,Ruby Quick Guide ,Ruby Built-in Functions ,Ruby Predefined Variables ,Ruby Predefined Constants, Ruby Associated Tools ,Topics ,Introductio of Ruby Language ,OOP with Ruby ,Text Processing ,Scripting ,Misc advanced topics:threading ,Networking ,Serialization ,Meta-programming ,Ruby on Rails, Extending RubyGame ,Rails-based web-application ,Using Rails ,operations against a database ,User authentication ,File upload ,modules ,Extension library.
The Ruby Language, OOP with Ruby, Text Processing and Scripting, Misc advanced topics: 
  • Threading, Networking, Serialization, Meta-programming, Ruby on Rails: Extending RubyGame, a live Rails-based web-application, Using Rails to perform CRUD operations against a database, User authentication.
  • File upload / download (and game / agent design), Safe execution of untrusted code, Any other topics needed to achieve target functionality (TBD), Ruby basics, text processing, web and graphics, production scripts, Rails.
  • Describe the main features of the Ruby programming language.
  • Describe Ruby script setup and execution.
  • Write Ruby scripts using standard input and output.
  • Use Ruby for general programming purposes, such as manipulating manipulate files, text, and images.
  • Use Ruby to connect to relational databases such as MySQL or SQLite3.
  • Working with object-oriented design architectures (MVC) such as Rails.
  • Demonstrate the use of regular expressions.
  • Deploy a simple Ruby On Rails application in the Cloud (Heroku)



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