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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is referred as the server side web application framework which is written using Ruby programming that provides the facility of web standards like HTML, JavaScript and CSS for displaying and User interface and XML & JSON for transfering data. It is a Model View Controller framework which provides the default structures for database, web pages and web services and allows to use software engineering patterns and paradigms by including CoC, DRY and the active record pattern.

Topics are:

  • Ruby on Rails Models
  • Rails Scaffolding
  • Rails Conventions
  • Ruby on Rails Controllers
  • Exploring ActiveRecord
  • Validations
  • Associations
  • Migrations
  • Ruby on Rails Views
  • Exploring ActionView
  • Writing Views for actions
  • Partials
  • Forms

Ruby on Rails can be defined as object oriented programming language which is designed for improving the database-backed web applications. It is an open source programming language that is used to interact with database by using codes and rich libraries. It provides the facility of template system that manages the page area and design. It supports Model-View-Control pattern in which web applications on the ruby language are designed, deployed with Model-View-Controller where very piece of knowledge should be expressed in one place.
It involves two components i.e

• Action Record: It supports the interaction of the database.
• Action Pack: In this, view code and controller code are not connected while view and controller are tightly coupled.

Ruby on rail is focused on some topics such as class functions, Controller, Closures in Ruby, Testing equality, Supported databases, IRB, Control structures, Text editors, YAML & REST, Ruby Meta-Programming, Rails MVC, Advanced Routing, Migrations, RESTful API, Security & Caching, Debugging & Testing, Rack, NoSQL with MongoDB, Rendering in Rails, Heritage, Mini test and Migration etc. 

Some of the major topics in ROR are First class functions, Controller, Closures in Ruby, Testing equality, Supported databases, IRB, Control structures, Text editors, Heritage, Minitest, Migrations, and many more. ROR can works with the various database systems such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many more. It enables user to create the various web application on its framework, but firstly a user has to install the various software, including Ruby, rails framework, a database system and a web server.


Ruby on Rails Assignment help services include:

  • 24/7 Chat, Phone & Email support
  • Monthly & cost effective packages for regular customers;
  • Live help for Ruby on Rails online quiz & online tests, Ruby on Rails exams & midterms;
  • Affordable prices with secure payment methods & confidentiality guarantee.


Topics covered in Ruby on Rails: 

  • Ruby on Rails: , Rails with Active Record and Action Pack, Active Record, Deep Dive into Active Record, Action Pack, Security and Nested Resources in Action Pack, 
  • Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration with MongoDB, MongoDB, MongoDB-Ruby API, and CRUD, Aggregation Framework, Performance, and Advanced MongoDB, Mongoid, Web Services, Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS,  AngularJS, Filters, Digest Cycle, Controller Inheritance, and Custom Services, Promises
  • Ajax, and Custom Directives, Components, Events, Modules, and Routing, Form Validation, Testing, and Restaurant Site Development,Pivotal Tracker,Build your Brand,d
  • Agile,Git 101 / 102,Learn Command Line homework,Mentorship,Pair Programming,Numbers, Letters and Variables,Methods and Flow Control,Methods and Recursion,Arrays
  • Built in and Custom Objects,RSpec,TDD Calculator,TDD Palindromes,Rails,GitX,MVC,Address Book,Bootstrap,Fix failing,User authentication from Scratch
  • Rails associations,JSON, APIs and Oauth,Pagination,Filtering and Autocomplete,Bootstrap Theming,Calculator rails app/

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