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Sampling is a technique to select a sample for a survey so that the effort is reduced in collecting the samples. Population and sample are the two important concepts of sampling. Sampling surveys provide methods for picking up the sample from the targetted population for conducting a survey.
The different sampling procedures include simple random sampling (S.R.S) , stratified sampling, systematic sampling , fit random sampling and panel sampling. The procedure of sample selection defines how the sample is selected. The results obtained from sample surveys are least prone to errors. Therefore, it is the most preferred way of selecting a sample.
Survey samples can be probabilistic or non-probabilistic samples. Cluster sampling and stratified sampling are the special techniques within probability sampling. Sampling errors can be seen in the case of non probability samples as compared to the latter one. Statistical models are used to process and examine the large volume when the result mechanism seems unpredictable.

Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Systematic selection,Cluster & Multistage sampling,Sampling frames,Cost models,Sampling error estimation techniques,Non-sampling errors,Compensation for missing data,Probability & non-probability sampling,Sampling units & measurements
  • Simple random sampling with estimation,Confidence interval methods,Estimating proportions,Unequal probability sampling,Ratio and regression estimation,Stratified sampling,Cluster and systematic sampling,Multistage designs,Two-stage sampling,Capture - recapture sampling,Random response model,Estimation of population mean,Proportion using simple random,Stratified, systematic and cluster sampling
  • PPS sampling,Design based inference for structured populations,Sampling of complex units,Cluster sampling for clusters of equal and different size,Cluster sampling with varying probability,Ratio estimation in cluster sampling,Simple random sampling in two stage sampling,Primary units with constant size

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Help for complex topics like :

  • Small area inference
  • Design based estimators
  • Best linear unbiased predictors
  • Estimators and their variances
  • Design based ratio
  • Regression estimation
  • Model assisted design based inference
  • Regression estimators for design-based model inference
  • Calibration and balancing
  • Multiphase sampling
  • Estimating population quantities in first sampling phase
  • Sampling in space
  • Estimation in the non sampling error

Simple random sampling with associated estimation and confidence interval methods
Selecting sample sizes
Estimating proportions
Unequal probability sampling
Ratio and regression estimation
Stratified sampling
Cluster and systematic sampling
Multistage designs
Double or Two-stage sampling
Capture - recapture sampling
Random response modelDesigning survey instruments
estimation of population mean
total and proportion using simple random
stratified, systematic, and cluster sampling
pps sampling
randomized response methods

Design based and model based inference
The predictive approach
Design based inference for structured populations
Sampling of complex units
Cluster sampling for clusters of equal and different size
Cluster sampling with varying probability
ratio estimation in cluster sampling
Systematic sampling
sampling with varying probability
simple random sampling in two stage sampling and primary units with constant size
Small area inference:
design based estimators
Best Linear Unbiased Predictors;
basic superpopulation models:
estimators and their variances;
variance in design based ratio and regression estimation
Model assisted design based inference
Generalized regression estimators for design-based model-assisted inference
Calibration and balancing
Multiphase sampling
Consequences of estimating population synthetic quantities in a first sampling phase
Sampling in space
Estimation in the presence of non sampling errors

Simple random sampling
Stratified sampling
Cluster sampling
Ratio and regression estimators
Two stage sampling

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