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SAS refers to a statistical software application which is used for storing, analyzing and modifying data. SAS is known as Statistical Analytical System which is used to carry out the information entry, management, retrieval, and analytical analysis. It is compatible to any computer environment,.

Import and export raw data files
Manipulate and transform data
Combine SAS data sets
Create basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures.
Identify and correct data, syntax and programming logic errors.

We help with SAS Studio, Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML, SAS/ACCESS and several time series forecasting procedures from SAS/ETS.

 SAS is used for :

  • Create multiple libraries
  • Retrieve data easily
  • Generate pictures and slick reports
  • Develop new software application
  • Examine data statistically and mathematically
  • Make and plan decision for business development
  • Enhance the process quality

SAS is platform independent software, this quality of SAS allow us to run it on any operating system such as Linux, windows, etc. Some main features of SAS software are given below:

  • Fast and flexible
  • Platform independent
  • Provide accurate data
  • Provide perfect clarity in work

SAS acts as an efficient resource of analytical solution to data, it allows SAS programmers to perform various functions given as:

  • Data mining, statistical analysis and econometrics
  • Data management and retrieval of knowledge
  • Operation management and research of analytical jobs
  • Remote calculation, development of analytical and statistical applications
  • Plays an important role in forecasting and business preparation decisions

To manipulate data for SAS procedures, SAS language includes a programming language and this is known as SAS programming. A programmer can perform the typical task in SAS by identification of data. SAS contains a SQL procedure also, it allows SQL programmer to perform the task without extra knowledge. By providing solution to analytical problems, SAS programming help us in achieving enterprise goals. SAS programming comes with its different components that can be installed according to the requirements.

SAS programming mainly involves main three sections:

  • Data steps: in this section, we identify the variables of data sets and load the required data into SAS memory. Data step also identifies the name of the SAS data sets, logic for manipulating the data and format of the input and output data.
  • Proc steps: to analyze the data, we invoked a SAS built-in procedure. It performs complex operations on data sets.
  • Output steps: this section involves the presentation of conditional output statements with data.

Statistical computing is a major concept in SAS which act as an interface between computer science and statistics. Nowadays, statistical computing become necessary for statistician as it performs the multiple tasks and enables us to do work with large data volumes. Statistical computing performs following operations:

  • Operating research
  • Statistical programming
  • Econometrics
  • Improvement of statistical quality
  • Statistical visualization
  • Matrix programming

SAS is widely used software which comes with the wide range of applications. Applications of SAS are as follows:

  • Financial risk analysis
  • Business planning and intelligence
  • Data warehousing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • IT, project & financial management
  • Human resources and customer relationship management

The latest version of SAS software is SAS 9.4 which includes the high performance features. SAS 9.4 provide its benefit for SAS programmers, security administrators, business users, IT departments and statisticians. To speed up the processing, it breaks the analytic task into pieces. Some other versions of SAS are listed below:

  • SAS 79.3 to 82.4
  • SAS Version 4 series
  • SAS Version 6 series
  • SAS Version 7 series
  • SAS Version 8 series
  • SAS Version 9 series

SAS has released a wide range of its products. Some of its products are given below:

  • SAS Enterprise Miner: this product synchronizes the data mining process in a specific manner to create predictive and descriptive models.
  • SAS Model Manager: this product is specialized in creating, validating, deploying and managing analytical models.
  • SAS Factory Miner: this product can easily build and retain numerous predictive models across multiple segments.
  • SAS Scoring Accelerator: this product is beneficial to improve the model performance and produce the faster output.
  • SAS Forecasting for Desktop: to create an effective plan, it generates the forecasts automatically.
  • SAS Text Miner: it creates patterns in the collections of documents by mining unstructured data sources using unsupervised, semi supervised and supervised techniques.
  • SAS Forecast Server: to improve decisions and planning, it produces forecasts automatically and quickly.
  • SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning: it helps us to solve complex programs faster.
  • SAS Scoring Accelerator: to improve model performance, it automates data scoring processes into database.

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Our SAS Assignment help tutors help with Miner, Tree in SAS Enterprise Miner,A Decision Tree Model to Predict Response to Direct Marketing,Base SAS. Data Visualization, Enterprise Management.

  • Accessing Data, Creating Data Structures, Managing Data, Generating Reports, Handling Errors, Accessing Data Using SQL, Macro Processing, Advanced Programming Techniques
  • Clinical Trials Programming Using, SAS Advanced Analytics, Predictive Modeler Using SAS Enterprise Miner 13, SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics, SAS Data Management, Data Preparation, Predictive Models, Data splitting/balancing/overfitting/oversampling
  • Logistic/linear regression, Artificial neural networks (MLP), Decision trees, Model Assessment, models/lift chart/ROC/profit & loss, Scoring and Implementation

SAS Assignment Help : 

  • Case studies , SAS programming , SAS datasets & analysis based research assignments.
  • Research based Custom solutions for SAS assignments at Masters & Phd level.
  • Doctoral Dissertation , final projects on SAS programming software.

SAS Projects help & SAS Application Programming experts are available Online ( 24/7):

  • Integration, Migration, Scalability & Performance, SAS Web Report Studio, Terminology, SAS Programs
  • Statistics & Operations Research,statements and procedures,3 major parts of SAS: DATA step
  • Sas enterprise miner,ETL, SAS/ACCESS for PC Files,SAS/AF,SAS/ASSIST,SAS/C,SAS/CONNECT

SAS System integrates with many SAS business solutions that enable large scale software solutions for areas such as human resource management, financial management,business intelligence, customer relationship management , The SAS System (originally Statistical Analysis System) is an integrated system of software products provided by SAS Institute that enables the programmer to perform: data entry, retrieval,management, and mining report writing and graphics, Statistical and mathematical analysis,business planning, forecasting, and decision support, operations research and project management, quality improvement, applications development, data warehousing (extract , transform, load), platform independent and Remote computing

SAS Questions help services by live experts:

  • Live help for SAS online quiz & online tests, SAS exams & midterms;
  • Excellent chat, phone & email support 24/7
  • Help for SAS reports 

 Help for complex topics like:

  • SAS AppDev Studio, Eclipse platform to support SAS applications,SAS—Statistical Analysis System,Components,SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office,Base SAS,Sas enterprise business intelligence serverEnterprise computing offer (ECO),Enterprise 
  • SAS/QC,SAS/SHARE,SAS/STAT,SAS/TOOLKIT,SAS/Warehouse Administrator, tables, rows, columns/fields, SPSS, graphical user interfaces,,application programming interfaces,  Procedure steps, and macro language
  • File structure, database-oriented fourth-generation programming languages (SQL,,Focus), operating System, program loop,Data set, statistical analysis, macro code, imperative and procedural programming,SAS/IML component,Preprocessing, runtime, general-purpose programming languages, information technology,Features,Read and write many different file formats,Process data in many different formats,SAS programming language (4GL programming language),SAS—Statistical Analysis System
  • DATA Step, ODS, SASr9, Universal Printing,XML Engine,Preproduction,Getting Started with Predictive Modeling,Opening SAS Enterprise Miner
  • Creating a New Project in SAS Enterprise Miner 5.2,Creating a SAS Data Source, Creating a  Process flow diagram ,Building Decision Tree Models to Predict Response and Risk, tree Methodology in SAS,Enterprise 
  • Direct output of reports to CSV, HTML, PCL, PDF, PostScript, RTF, XML, and more using ODS,Interaction with the operating system,Fast development time, particularly from the many built-in procedures,Hundreds of built-in functions for manipulating character and numeric variables,An integrated development environment,Dynamic data-driven code generation using the SAS Macro language,Can process files containing millions of rows and thousands of columns of data,
  • different file formats, Process data, built-in statistical and random number functions,Measurement Scales for Variables,Defining the Target,Sources of Modeling Data,Pre-Processing the Data,Alternative Modeling Strategies,SAS—Statistical Analysis System,Enterprise Management Integration,BMC Patrol,Hobbit Monitor,HP Open View Operations,IBM Tivoli
  • TE,Data Visualization,Resources,Technologies,Products
  • Developing a Regression Tree Model to Predict,Risk, Neural network models to Predict Response and Risk,General Example of a Neural Network Model,A Neural Network Model to Predict Loss Frequency in Auto Insurance, Radial Basis Functions,Alternative Specifications of the Neural Network,Architecture,Regression Models, Models Can Be Developed Using The Regression Node,
  • Properties of the Regression Node,Business Applications,Comparison of Different Models,Models for Binary Targets:Comparison of All Three Accident Risk Models,Customer Profitability,Acquisition Cost,Cost of Default,Revenue,Profit,The Optimum Cut-off Point,Alternative Scenarios of Response and Risk,Customer Lifetime Value,Suggestions for Extending Results,SAS—Statistical Analysis System
  • Microsoft Operations Manager, SAS Resources,Vendor Resources,Migration,Planning,Execution,PROC MIGRATE,Industry-specific Answers
  • Papers,Scalability & Performance,Papers, Grid computing ,SAS/ACCESS Software,SAS/CONNECT Software
  • Platform Suite for SAS,SAS OLAP Server,Scalable SAS Procedures,SPD Engine,SPD Server,ARM Tools,FULLSTIMER option
  • Statistics & Operations Research,Resources,Feedback,Products,Applications,SAS AppDev Studio
  • Base SAS - data management and basic procedures,SAS/STAT - statistical analysis ,SAS/GRAPH - presentation quality graphics,SAS/OR - Operations research,SAS/ETS - Econometrics and Time Series Analysis,SAS/IML - interactive matrix language,SAS/AF - applications facility (menus and interfaces),SAS/QC - quality control,Good file hygiene,organization,documentation,labels,Bringing up SAS.,Navigating the windows
  • Color coding, hierarchical data set,Conditional input statements,Common errors in SAS,SET statement.,Saving a SAS data file.Merging SAS data files.

SAS Online experts provide:

  • Online SAS Programming help 
  • Affordable prices for every assignment & project.
  • Help for all the softwares & modules based on SAS.

Topics include Variable Selection,Transformation of Variables ,Predicting Attrition Models for Ordinal Targets:  Predicting,Accident Risk More on errors and error detection Estimation of Weights in a Neural Network Model, A Neural Network Model to Predict Response.

  • Regression Concepts, Simple and Multiple Regression , Regression Analysis, Examining Data, Simple linear regression, Multiple regression, Regression Diagnostics , Unusual and Influential data, Tests on :, Normality of Residuals , Nonconstant Error of Variance , Multicollinearity & Nonlinearity, Model Specification, Regression with Categorical Predictors
  • Regression with a 0/1 variable , 1/2 variable, 1/2/3 variable, multiple categorical predictors , Categorical predictor with interactions, Interactions of Continuous by 0/1 Categorical variables, Continuous and Categorical variables, interaction with 1/2/3 variable, Robust Regression Methods, Regression with Robust Standard Errors, Using the Proc Genmod for Clustered Data, Quantile Regression
  • Constrained Linear Regression, Regression with Censored or Truncated Data, Measurement Error, Multiple Equation Regression Models, Unrelated Regression, Multivariate Regression, Categorical Coding ,Additional coding systems ,categorical variables ,continuous variables in regression analysis


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