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Software Systems Architecture Assignment help, Software Systems Architecture Homework help

We at Global web tutors provide expert help for Software Systems Architecture assignment or Software Systems Architecture homework. Our Software Systems Architecture online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant Software Systems Architecture homework help. Software Systems Architecture online tutors are available 24/7 to provide assignment help as well as Software Systems Architecture homework help.

Secure and trusted software systems: 

  • reinforce skills, authenticating users programmatically, authorising users programmatically, user input validation, developing secure web, mobile applications, wireless applications, database applications
  • encrypting data programmatically, hashing data programmatically, digital signatures programmatically, security testing, designing , logging , auditing mechanisms 

Topics for Software Systems Architecture: 

  • Caching, latency, Caching as a principle, Processor cache structure , operation, Pipelining, Principles of pipelining, Implementation of a processor pipeline , Pipelining requirements , Pipelining limitations
  • multi threading principles, Simultaneous multithreading, MultiCore, Motivation for multicore, Possible multicore structures, Cache coherence, File System Support, Implementation of file systems, RAID.
  • Virtual Machines, Motivation for Virtual Machines, Language Virtual Machines, System Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine implementation, Binary Translation
  • Goal oriented requirements engineering, requirements engineering in agile projects, Software Architecture, Architecture modelling, architectural styles, quality requirements 

Complex Topics for Software Systems Architecture: 

  • Computer Architecture , Computer Organization, origins of computer science, Elements of a computer, Von Neumann architecture, Data representation, binary system Operating Systems, Operating system architecture, Memory management, Process scheduling, Semaphores , deadlocks, Networking, Network fundamentals, TCP/IP reference model,Fault-tolerant architecture.
  • Internet protocols , World Wide Web, Programming language generations, Algorithms, pseudocode, object-oriented programming paradigm, Programming with Java, Structure, components of a Java program, Objects, attributes, Arithmetic expressions, Boolean expressions, Performance Evaluation , Benchmarking , Enhancing Performance with Pipelining.
  • Exploiting Memory Hierarchy, cache, virtual memory, Interfacing Processors, Peripherals , Multiprocessors ,  Pipelining, Pipelined Datapath , Dealing with Pipeline Hazards, Advanced Pipelining Techniques, Memory-mapped IO , Interrupts in SPIM,Domain-specific architectures,Reference architecture, Distributed systems architecture,Client-server architecture.
  •  Software Architectures,Modular design,Object-Oriented design,Design patterns,Object-Oriented design patterns,Pattern-oriented software architectures,Interactive Systems architecture,Layered architecture,Pipes and Filters architecture,Model Driven Architecture,Repository architecture,Event-based architecture,Adaptable systems architecture

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