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Strategic Management Assignment help, Strategic Management Homework help

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Strategic Management
  • Leveraging Resources and Capabilities , Emphasizing Institutions, Cultures, and Ethics , Growing and Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm, Entering Foreign Markets , Making Strategic Alliances and Networks Work, Managing Global Competitive Dynamics, Diversifying, Acquiring, and Restructuring , Strategizing, Structuring, and Learning around the World , Governing the Corporation around the World , : Strategizing with Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • organisation’s environment,Evaluating strategic position ,strategic options,Leading change,Implementing strategy,information systems in organisational strategy

Business Strategy

  • Porter's Frameworks and the Resource-Based View of the Firm, Strategic management, concepts of strategy, strategic management process, Case analysis, Strategic management project, Strategy in action, Identification of industry opportunities , threats, external analysis Porter’s Five Forces Model ofcompetitiveness, strategic groups, industry life cycle model , competitive environment, Internal analysis, Analysis of internal strengths , Analysis of internal weaknesses , Functional level strategy, Achieving superior efficiency, Achiving superior quality, Achiving superior innovation, superior customer responsiveness., Business level strategy, industry environment-1 , Competitive positioning, business model, generic business, level strategies, strategic groups, business level strategy
  • Business level strategy industry, environment – II, Strategies in fragmented, embryonic, mature, decline, high tech industries, Corporate strategy, Horizontal integration, vertical integration, diversification, strategic alliances, internal new venturing, acquisitions, joint ventures, review of corporate portfolio, Strategy implementation – II, Strategic entrepreneurship, Stakeholders, corporate governance, Business ethics, Strategizing around the Globe, Business News Selections, Group Forming , Group Case Selections, Short Survey, Managing Industry Competition, Leveraging Resources, Leveraging Capabilities, Emphasizing Institutions, Cultures, Ethics, Growing Entrepreneurial Firm, Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm, Entering Foreign Markets, Making Strategic Alliances, Networks Work, Managing Global Competitive Dynamics, Diversifying, Acquiring, Restructuring, Strategizing, Structuring, Learning around the World, Governing the Corporation around the World
  • Strategizing with Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Segmentation and Customer Value Proposition , The Firm as a Bundle of Competencies and Putting it All Together , Industry Structure and Competitive Interaction, The Decommoditization of a Business , Competitive Positioning

Technology and Industry Transformation

  •  Technology and Industry Transformation, Sustaining Competitive Advantage , Competitive Dynamics , Putting it All Together: Integrating The Critical Tasks of Strategy.
  • Corporate Strategy, Corporate Strategy - The Core Concepts , Corporate Philosophy and Culture, General Principles of Organization Design , Human Resources Management and Knowledge Management, Business Processes: The Core Concepts and Managing the Global Supply Chain

Aggregate and Granular Metrics

  • Metrics of Value Creation, The Balanced Scorecard and Granular Metrics,


Organizational Leadership, Strategic Management & Strategic Leadership, External Analysis, Internal Analysis and Business-Level Strategy , Discussion: Anticipating Competition and Cooperative Dynamics , Corporate Strategy, International Strategy, Corporate Governance, Organization Structure and Controls, strategic Entrepreneurship Industry Analysis,Generic Strategies ,Competitive Advantage,Expansion Strategies ,Resource-based View,Build,Borrow,Buy,Corporate Strategy,Strategic Innovation,Platform Businesses ,Non-market strategy,Organization,society,firms ,shareholder ,Market analysis,market research,industry development ,disruption,strategic choices,limited growth strategy,substantive growth strategy,firm performance,challenges,opportunities

Strategic Management

  • Strategizing around the Globe, Managing Industry Competition, Leveraging Resources and Capabilities
  • Emphasizing Institutions, Cultures, and Ethics, Growing and Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm, Entering Foreign Markets, Making Strategic Alliances and Networks Work, Diversifying, Acquiring, and Restructuring, Strategizing, Structuring, and Learning around the World, Governing the Corporation around the World, Strategizing with Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The theory of Strategic Management--basic terms, development, character, process , Business mission and long-term objectives , Analysis of the external and internal environment of a firm , Structure of the external environment, methods and techniques of analysis, Structure of the internal environment, methods and techniques of analysis, Selection of business strategies.
  • General types of business strategies, Suggestion of strategic alternatives, quantitative methods, Evaluation and selection of business strategies, Implementation and control of business strategies , Management of change , Analysis of industry and competition--basic terms , Analysis of competitive environment , Porter's model, Influence of government on the competitive environment, Competitive strategies , Types of competitive strategies, Strategies focused on wide competition, Industry and competitive strategy.
  • General types of industries and their evolution, Competitive strategies in the particular types of industries, Analyzing Industries, Analyzing Firm Resources And Capabilities, Understanding Organization Structure, Management Systems, Developing Competitive Strategies, Competitive Behavior, Determining The Scope Of The Firm, Developing Corporate Strategies, Managing The Multi-business Firm, Corporate Governance Mechanisms, Strategy formulation, strategic planning , decision making
  • firm’s internal environment,external environment,competitive positioning,competitive advantage,strategy formulation,strategy implementation,strategy,simulation game,Strategic analysis ,Environmental analysis,Industry analysis,Internal analysis,Business strategy,Corporate strategy,Strategic choices,Simulation set-up ,Competitive dynamics,Evaluating strategies
  • Analysing the business and competitive environment
  • Macro-environment (politicial, economic, social, technological, or PEST); competitive environment (Porter’s Five Forces); strategic group analysis; competitive positioning; strategic fit
  • Evaluating the strategic assets and capabilities of an organisation
  • Value chain; value system/network; resource and capabilities audit; threshold and core competences; threshold and unique resources; dynamic capabilities; strategic stretch
  • Assessing the organisational context
  • Stakeholders; corporate governance; business ethics; culture; organisational structure; parenting; mission, vision, values and objective
  • Developing, evaluating and recommending strategic options
  • Directions for growth (Ansoff matrix); methods of growth (mergers and acquisitions, organic growth, joint ventures); portfolio analysis; generic strategy; competitive strategy
  • Short, medium and long term; barriers to implementation (force field analysis); milestones; change management (change kaleidoscope); functional strategy; measuring performance (balanced scorecard)

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