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Struts Assignment help

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Topics for Struts

  • Jakarta Struts Project, MVC and Struts, Review Filters, Servlets, JSP and Web Applications, Struts Architecture, Struts Components, FilterDispatcher, Interceptors, Actions, First Struts Application, Struts 2.0 components, Configuring web.xml, Configuring structs.xml, package, results, exceptions actions
  • Action implementation, basic view components, Validation and Interceptors, XWork validation framework, Implementing validation, Type conversion, Interceptor role, interceptors, Custom Tags, Struts Tags, Generic Tags, UI Tags, Themes and Templates, Tag Reference, Ajax Tags, ValueStack technology, OGNL for type conversion
  • Locales, Formatting Messages, Resource Bundles, Internationalization, Tags, I18n Interceptor, Create the Application, Actions, Searching, Prepopulating Forms, Validating forms, Showing and Editing Error Massages, Handling Exceptions, Add/Edit/Delete Listing, Action Chaining, Dependency Injection, Testing, Annotations
  • Performance Tuning, Plugins, Migration of Struts 1.x applications to Struts 2.x, templates, Using put and insert, Advanced tile features, Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages , Servlets Basic, JSP Basics, Tag Extensions Introduction, Struts, Motivations, The MVC and Service-to-Worker Design Patterns, Framework , Controller components
  • Struts ActionServlet, The RequestProcessor, Working with Actions, Mapping Requests, Managing Errors and Exception handling, Plugin classes, Model components, JavaBeans Overview, HTML Forms and ActionForms, View components, Forms Validation, i18N, Tiles, Expression Language, EL , Attribute values
  • Template text and Implicit objects, General Syntax, Expression Language operators, Expression Language API., JSTL, JSTL introduction and goals, Expression language , JSTL actions, General purpose actions, Conditional actions, Iterator actions

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