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We at Global web tutors provide expert help for Telecommunications Network assignment or Telecommunications Network homework. Our Telecommunications Network online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant Telecommunications Network homework help. Telecommunications Network online tutors are available 24/7 to provide assignment help as well as Telecommunications Network homework help.

Collection of links and nodes which carries visual and data communications together is known as telecommunication network. Internet is the biggest example of telecommunications network. Telecommunications network is the electronic transmission of signals for communications. Telecommunications network established a link network of nodes and switches, so each user is connected to one of the nodes. In that network, each link is known as communications channel. Telecommunications network mainly consist only three planes: data plane, control plane and management plane. Data plane includes the network user traffic. Control plane is also known as signaling which includes control information. Sometimes, Management plane is considered as a part of control plane which carries the operations traffic for network management.

Main objective of telecommunications network is to provide the transmission of information from a point of origin to a point of termination. WAN, LAN, VPN, client/server networks, network computing, peer-to-peer networks are the types of telecommunication networks. Modems and multiplexers are two telecommunication processors. Modem converts the digitals signals into analog signals over telephone lines. In multiplexers, Simultaneous data is carried by single communication channel from many terminals. Telecommunications network allows the electronic exchange of visual , audio and data transmissions.

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  • Important aspects of modern telecommunication systems, Internet, Concept of layered architectures,Modulation techniques, Source coding, Error coding, Multiplexing, Peer to peer protocols, Lan protocols, Packet switching, Tcp ip architecture , Network security,Waveforms, Spectra bandwith, Fourier series and tansform, Decibels, Analog and digital transmission and modulationswire and radio links, Link budgets, Analog modulation, Digital modulations, Rrc filtering, Digital transmissions, Multiplexing
  • Multiple access, Error control, Local area networks, Optical communication systems, Satelite communcations, Gps,Digital wireless technologies, Radio frequency , Antenna propagation basics, Towers, Microwave radio systems, Roaming networking, Intercarrier networking, Business side of wireless , Landline interconnection,Public switched telephone network, Instruction in operating systems , Operating systems applications, Systems design , Systems analysis, Networking theory, Networking solutions
  • Types of networks, Network management,Network control, Network , Flow optimization, Security, Configuring, Troubleshooting, Design of computer networks , Use of computer networks , Analysis of computer networks , Systems, Security, Applications, Evolution of the field, Performance, Technology,Mac protocols, Random access and contention techniques, Mac protocols for lan‟s, Aloha and slotted aloha, Csma systems, Non-persistent, P-persistent csma/cd, Ieee 802 protocols, Ethernet

Help for complex topics like:

  • Token bus and token ring systems, Fddi , Routing algorithms, Routing objectives and algorithms in packet switched networks, Routing methodology in arpanet, Lan architectures,Internet architecture–tcp, Internet, Internet backbone, Internet protocol, Ipv4 datagram, Fragmentation and re-assembly
  • Classful ip addressing, Subnetting, Dns, Internet routing , Bgp, Rip, Ospf, Ipv6-ipv6 and ipv4 interoperation, Tcp mechanisms , Slow start, Congestion avoidance, Fast retransmit, Fast recovery , Tcp over wireless networks, Tcp variants and analysis of their performance over wireless network
  • Mobile ip and qos architectures for the internet, Solutions for macro-mobility, Integrated services,Differentiated services, Network simulators , Telephony, Digital transmission principles, Switching technologies, Traffic analysis, Data communication networks, Network types, Error and flow control, Performance issues, Integrated services digital networks, Privacy and security, The synchronous digital hierarchy, Asynchronous transfer mode

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