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Theoretical Statistics Assignment Help

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Our Theoretical Statistics Assignment help tutors have years of experience in handling complex queries related to various complex topics like A Little Review of theoretical satistics,Metric and Normed Spaces; Random elements, Basic Properties (convergence in distribution, continuous mapping theorem, tightness), Modes of Convergence;

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Skorohod representation theorem; the continuous mapping theorem;Large Sample Theory for M, and Z estimators.
  • Prohorov’s Theorem,The delta method, M-estimators (like Maximum Likelihood), Z-estimators.
  • Consistency of M-estimators, Asymptotic normality of M-estimators and Z-estimators, Stochastic Convergence in Metric Spaces.

Generally topics like Big Oh and little Oh; are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Lindeberg-Feller CLT. & so on.

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Help for complex topics like:


  • Bounded Stochastic Processes; the space l1(F); Weak convergence, Empirical Processes, Empirical Distribution Functions; 
  • Empirical Distributions, Glivenko-Cantelli theorem; Donsker theorem, Bracketing Numbers, Maximal Inequalities, The Delta Method, 
  • The Bootstrap, Consistency, Inference for Non-regular Parameters, Nonexistence of locally asymptotically unbiased estimators.
  • Using average risk and minimax risk to estimate non-regular parameters, Delta Method

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Topics like Construction of Robust Con?dence Intervals & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.


Scientific method
  • Statistical analysis in science, Model building, prediction, Scientific induction, Decission making, Convergence of random vectors, Convergence concepts, Skorokhod construction, Multivariate delta-method, Kolmogorov-Smirnov theorem, Convergence of sample quantiles, Comparison of estimators, Asymptotic relative efficiency, Sufficiency, Lower bounds on the variance of estimators, First order efficiency, Methods of maximum likelihood, Consistency of maximum likelihood estimators, Asymptotic normality of likelihood equation estimators, method of scoring, EM- and IP-algorithms, Nonparametric maximum likelihood, Conditional and partial likelihood, Monotone likelihood ratio and UMP tests.
  • LMP tests, asymptotic distribution of likelihood ratio, score, and Wald tests, Improved asymptotic distributions, Edgeworth expansions, Saddlepoint approximations, likelihood principle, Birnbaum's theorem, Variants and consequences, Bayes methods, Conjugate priors, Jeffreys priors, Consistency of Bayes estimates, Asymptotic normality of posterior distributions, Computation and approximation strategies, Empirical Bayes methods, Statistical functionals, Differentiation of functionals, Analysis of remainder terms, Asymptotic properties, Finite sample estimates of variability, Jackknife, Bootstrap, resampling methods, Robustness, Qualitative robustness and resistance, M-estimates, Influence curve and breakdown point.
  • Minimum distance estimates, Robustness and Bayes methods, Estimation theory for dependent data, Likelihood theory for discrete time processes, Consistency and asymptotic normality, Likelihood tests for Markov chains, Robustness against dependence of iid-based estimators, Optimal estimation, Minimum variance estimation, Rao-Blackwell theorem, Lehmann-Scheffe theorem, U-estimates, Invariance and equivariance, Parameters of location and scale, Pitman estimates, Nonparametric methods, Invariance, Rank tests, R-estimates, L-estimates, Goodness of fit tests, Density estimation, Graphical methods, Bayesian model comparison, Bayes factors, Inference of competing non-nested models, Comparison between Bayes factors and P-values, Ancillarity in exponential families, Exponential family theory, B-ancillarity, M-ancillarity, Plausibility inference.
  • Conditional inference, Testing theory, Unbiased tests, Invariance, maximal invariants, UMPI tests, Decision theory, Admissibility, Optimality of Bayes procedures, Minimax theory, Shrinkage estimators, Vapnik-Chervonenkis Theory, Convergence, Data Reduction and Likelihood Principle, Estimation Methods, Measures of Estimation Performance, Asymptotics, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence intervals and Regions, Nonparametric Inference, Bayesian Inference, Prediction and Classification, Model Selection, Elementary Finite Sample Theory of Point Estimation, Elementary Decision Theory, Finite Sample Theory of Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals, Elementary Large Sample Estimation Theory, Asymptotic Optimality Theory of Estimators, Tests, and Confidence Intervals, Density Estimation, Time Series:, Sequential Analysis; Optimal Ex-, perimental Design; Empirical Processes With Applications to Statistics; Edge-, worth Expansions With Applications to Statistics.

Topics for STAT 5105G - Advanced Theoretical Statistics

  • Probability theory, counting techniques, conditional probability, random variables, moment generating functions, multivariate distributions, transformations of random variables, order statistics, Convergence of sequences of random variables, central limit theorem, methods of estimation, hypothesis testing, linear models, analysis of variance

Maximum likelihood-estimator
James Stein-estimator
optimality of the F-test
minimax tests
asymptotic efficiency
Hajek projection
linear models

Data Reduction and Likelihood Principle
Estimation Methods
Measures of Estimation Performance
Hypothesis Testing
Confidence intervals and Regions
Nonparametric Inference
The Bootstrap
Bayesian Inference
Prediction and Classification

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