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UNIX Administration Assignment help, UNIX Administration Homework help

 We at Global web tutors provide expert help for UNIX Administration assignment or UNIX Administration homework. Our UNIX Administration online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant UNIX Administration homework help. UNIX Administration online tutors are available 24/7 to provide assignment help as well as UNIX Administration homework help.


Unix and the shell :
  • Multi-user environments, Compiling software; package managers, Shell scripting, Tricks of the trade, Server services, UNIX and key features. Comparison with other OSs., basics: files, UNIX shells, editors, commands
  • Regular Expressions and Metacharacters in Shells., File ownership and access permissions., System identity (system name, IP address, etc.),Software: vendor, commercial, shareware, freeware, Hardware features: auto-detection, etc
  • UNIX Characteristics: integration, stability,reliability, security, scalability, performance., Shell scripts., System monitoring tools and tasks., Further shell scripts. Application development tools:, compilers, debuggers, GUI toolkits
  • High-level APIs., Installing an OS and software: inst, swmgr., OS updates,patches, management issues., Organising a network with a server. NFS. Quotas., Installing/removing internal/external hardware., SGI OS/software/hardware installation.
  • Network setup., Daily system administration tasks, eg. data backup., System bootup and shutdown, events, daemons., Security/Access control: the law, firewalls, ftp., Internet access: relevant files and services,Exploring administration issues,
  • Security, hacking,, responsibility, end-user support, the law, Indy/Indy attack/defense using IRIX 5.3 vs. IRIX 6.5, UNIX; Superuser, System startup and shutdown, single-user and multi-user modes, Disk partitions, File systems,
  • Users; passwd file; groups, file permissions, System configuration, kernel; devices files, Processes, ps command; signals, kill command, daemons, Disk quotas, Backups; media; dump/restore; tar; dd, TCP/IP networking, routing; inetd, BIND/DNS; NFS; NIS, Electronic mail; sendmail, Security; encryption, Performance tuning
Topics for UNIX Administration
  • Plan UNIX, install UNIX,configure UNIX, software packages, patches, Create user accounts , delete user accounts , groups, manage roles , privileges, configure user environment, Manage directories, mount , export file systems
  • Manage system security, authentication, access control, data encryption backups, Configure network interface, install network services, manage network services
  • Software development tools, make,Compilers, linker, debugger , profiler, create static libraries, dynamic libraries, UNIX fundamental concepts, properties, architecture , components, Principles of system administration,
  • Administrative tasks,administrative tools , administrative techniques, Principles of concurrent task execution, parallel task execution, distributed task execution, process management, Security issues , solutions to common problems,
  • Maintaining a secure environment, Foundations of the UNIX Environment, Linux Environment, Administering UNIX , Linux Machines, Administering Large UNIX Systems, Linux Systems, 

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