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UNIX Filesystems Assignment help, UNIX Filesystems Homework help

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Unix filesystem :
  • The word "filesystem", Basic structure, Important directories, Types of files, File attributes, Filesystems, Unix filesystem, Directory, Referencing files, Local refrence, Relative refrence, Absolute refrence
  • Base unix system file, Bin( system binaries), Etc( system configs), Home( user data)
  • Lib(system libs), Sbin(admin binaries), Tmp(temp space), Usr(user binaries), Var(app data)
Unix for non-programmers (basic unix commands) :
  • Unix shell programming (bash)
  • Unix utilities (awk, grep, find, sort, tar, vi, etc)
  • C programming
  • Files - unix file system, file permissions, file system calls (creat, open, read, write, close, lseek)
  • Processes - basic concepts, daemon processes, process creation and termination, process diagnostics (ps, kill)
Topics for UNIX File System :
  • Navigating a Unix/Linux environment, setting up a basic Unix/Linux system, Unix command-line shell, Unix file system, directory management, processes management, process management, pipes redirection, connecting to remote servers
  • Multi-user shared Unix systems, regular expressions , text processing basics, filtering, substituting, Makefile basics, version control basics, bash shell scripting, Unix philosophy, Unix variations, Linux variations, Bash shell
  • Unix commands, Unix/Linux filesystem, File Permissions, VI Editor, Shell operations, Basic shell scripting in Bash, FAU Specific Resources, Unix tools , Advanced shell scripting in Bash, Advanced Unix operations

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