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Unix Network Programming Assignment help , Unix Network Programming Homework help


We at Global web tutors provide expert help for Unix Network Programming assignment or Unix Network Programming homework. Our Unix Network Programming online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels

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Unix Network Programming 

Unix Network Programming is the branch of computer science which is used to design and development of network software under UNIX by writing programs for communicating and passing messages with each other using an application program interface. Unix Network Programming focuses on various terms like sockets, transport level interface, inter process communications for providing a wide variety of facilities such as Client-server design, Improving server performance, Signal handling , Non-blocking I/O and other advanced networking I/O etc.

Few Topics are:

  • Shell
  • Debuggers
  • Networking
  • socket
  • TCP Client/Server
  • I/O Multiplexing
  • inter process communication
Unix Network Programming 
  • Linux  & Distros, Installing and Administering, Shell Basics, Unix Shell and tools, Advanced Shell, Version Control w/ Subversion, GCC Compiler / Linker Toolchain, Linkers,, compilers, loaders, Debuggers
  • Automated Builds w/ Make, Unix systems programming, Networking, Eclipse IDE in Unix, C socket library API, Unix system calls & C review, C structures, functions & pointer
  • Simple TCP Client/Server, TCP Client/Server example, I/O Multiplexing, UDP Client/Server, Socket Options, Elementary UDP Sockets, UDP Client/Server example, UDP Applications, Unix Network Programming
  • Direct Link Networks, Reliability, Media Access Control, Packet Switched Networks, Bridges, Switches, Internetworking, Routing, Mobility, Internetworking,Global Internet, Multicast and IPv6, End-to-End Protocols
  • Congestion Control, Performance: Metrics, Analysis, and Examples, network programming in Unix operating system, TCP/IP protocol stack, TCP and network watching tools, Elementary UDP sockets
  • Elementary TCP sockets, Signal handling, I/O multiplexing with select() system call, Name and address conversion, simpella protocol,Non-blocking I/O, advanced network programming:, IPv4 vs IPv6, Daemon processes, Broadcasting & multicasting, Raw sockets, Accessing the datalink layer
 Topics for Unix Network Programming
  • Methods for network programming, tools for network programming, operating system support for network protocols, interprocess communication facilities, pipes, sockets, remote procedure call , design of client, design of server sides
  • Network security, computer communication networks, OSI reference model, Protocols for error , flow control, medium access protocols, routing control, congestion control, Internet architecture , protocols, Unix network programming

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