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Unix Shell Programming Assignment help, Unix Shell Programming Homework help

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Unix Programming Environment
  • Unix History, Unix, Unix File System & File, Permissions, Links, find, locate, ed & vi editors,, emacs, Regular Expressions & grep,, Here Documents, Shell quoting, pipes, filters, Shell: history, command completion, alias
  • Multiuser, multiprocessing, Sed & Awk Programming, Shell Programming :, variables, functions, parameters, she-bang magic, control structures, test,parameter expansion, Unix Programming Tools:, C compiler, compiling & linking
  • libraries & ar, make, Source Control with RCS & CVS,Debugging with gdb and ddd, Profiling with gprof, C Systems Programming:, Processes & Signals, system, exec, fork, signals, Files, I/O, pipes: unnamed & named (FIFO)
  • IPC: semaphores, message queues, shared memory, sockets, Operating System Environment, Operating Systems, Linux File System, Linux Tree Hierarchy, Shell Basics, Shell Login/Logout Files, Shell Environment,
  • Redirection,Pattern Matching, Quoting, Expansion, Shell Script Programming Concepts, Sequential Flow and Components of Shell Scripting, Decision Structures, Decision-Structure Theory, Statements & Operators
  • Looping Structures, Loop Theory & Statements, Functions and Arrays, Functions Parts/Libraries & Arrays, Advanced Shell Programming, File Access, Sorts & Techniques, Advanced Tech & Tools, Awk &Sed
  • Script Design and Management Issues, Logging On to Linux Using SSH, Basic Command Format, Working with Files, Using the vi text editor., cat, cp, date, echo, ls, man, mv, passwd, rm, wc, who, whoami, vi,
  • Working with Files and Directories, Filename Substitution and Wild Cards, Creating a Shell Script, Standard Input, Output & Error, Pipes and redirection: |, >, <, &, cd.,chmod, ln, ls, mkdir, mv, ps, pwd, rm, rmdir, sort, tr
  • Shell's Responsibilities, Extracting Data From a File, Regular Expressions, cut, grep, sed, sort, uniq tr, Regular Expressions, grep, sed, Variables, Built-in Integer Arithmetic
  • Shell Commands, echo -e, env, export, read, set, $(( )), Use of Quotes and Backslash, Background Command, cd, mkdir, env, set, &, Use of Arguments, cd, mkdir, env, set
  • Decisions, If structure and Testing, if, else, elif, exit, test, case, null command, && and ||, cd, mkdir, env, set, For Loops, for var in, list, for, While and Until Loops
  • while, until, Stopping Loops, Getting Options, break, continue, getopts, Format Printing, Functions,env, export, funcname(), printf, set, uname ,Shells and scripting languages
  • source code tools,Documentation tools,Networking and communication tools,Process  control tools,unix commands,shell basics,system call terminology,unix file I/O ,perl scripting ,multi user OS,file commands,networking commands,process creation and control
Topics for Unix Shell Programming
  • UNIX like environment, Strengths of UNIX shell, limitations of UNIX shell , Strengths of UNIX tools, limitations of UNIX tools, Bourne shell , common commands, AWK language, Regular expressions , sed, Bash
  • Extensions to Bourne shell, POSIX standard , portability of the shell scripts, Common pitfalls, robustness of shell scripts,tools common in UNIX, netcat, socat , curl, Invoking a Shell, Command line expansion
  • Command Arguments, Meta characters, Quotation marks, Redirection, File descriptors,Redirection, Pipes, Tee, Exporting , Environment variables, Command grouping, Conditional execution,
  • Basic Shell Scripts, Positional Parameters, Automatic Parameters.,Set, Reading input, Writing to standard output, Display attributes, Interactive Shell scripts, Bourne, Korn Shell Programming, If statement,
  • While statement, Case statement, Test command, For statement, Break statement, Continue statement, Tests on numeric values, String comparisons, Command exit status, Logical operators, Error handling,
  • Arithmetic, Korn Shell Extensions, Extensions, Command substitution, Arithmetic expressions, Valid arithmetic operators, Variable attributes, Typeset, Built in variables, Select command,debugging script,variables,
  • logical operators,file manipulations,schedulling process techniques,string substtutions,sort commands,grep patterns,positional parameters,line arguments,shell functionality,piping redirection,memory management,commmand subsitution,local variables,shell scripting language,built-in programming language 

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