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Unix Shell Scripting Assignment help, Unix Shell Scripting Homework help

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Unix Shell Script

UNIX shell script refers to human-readable text file which is manually executed one-by-one at the UNIX operating system command prompt which consist group of commands. It uses shell to the accept commands given by the user.shell script is created and saved to disk for subsequent execution by usinf Vi program or many UNIX text editors.

Important topics covered by UNIX shell script:

  • Environment
  • Shell Scripting
  • Shell Scripting Basics
  • Command Redirection and Pipelines
  • Variables Control Constructs
  • Functions
Unix Shell Scripting:
  • shell basics, search and substitution ., text processing, pipelines, program constructs, files and commands ., production scripts, awk ., extended examples
  • sysadmin tasks, UNIX Filesystem and Shell , Shell:,UNIX file system, File Utilities (cp, mv, rm, etc.), comm, cmp, diff, Tree walking: find, xargs, Editors: vi, emacs , Processes and Filters, UNIX Processes
  • Pipes, Signals, Process Utilities (ps, kill, wait, sleep), Filters: cat, head, tail, sort, uniq, Regular Expressions and Sed, Regular expressions, grep
  • fgrep, egrep, Sed, Shell Scripting, Variables, Loops, Functions, Quoting, Here documents, Arithmetic, Programming Tools, make, nmake, gmake, rcs, cvs, sccs, ar, tar, cpio, pax, RPM, autoconfig, dbx, gdb, Networking, HTTP, CGI, Networking, HTML
  • WWW and CGI, Internet Protocol, Web servers, HTTP, Forms, Bash shell scripting language, reading, writing, modifying, and debugging shell scripts, shell environment
  • regular expressions, text filtering with grep, sed and awk commands, conditional control statements and loops, interactive scripts, shell features, variables, parameters, argument lists, shell functions, shell traps

Topics covered under Unix Shell Scripting Assignment help are: 

  • file and directory manipulation, processes, standard files, access permission, Bash Shell, shell command line, setup, customizing the shell environment
  • alias mechanism, pipes, filters, I/O redirection, Linux, Command Line Utilities, Linux Filesystem, Shell, Bourne Again Shell, Shell Scripting, find command, rsync utility, emacs editor, UNIX operating system including multi-user concepts
  • terminal emulation, system editor, basic UNIX commands, writing script files, system management concepts, philosophy of current operating systems
  • function of time-sharing operating systems, effective usage of operating system , effective usage of Unix commands and utilities, effective usage of text editor commands, configuration of a Unix, Demonstrate effective management of files
  • directories on a Unix file system, effective use of input output redirection, pipes, filters, Bash shell scripts as a system administration tool, effective usage of Perl scripts
  • Operating System, Unix Linux history, Logging in out of system, Navigating the filesystem, Copy move rename files and directories, Program output redirection and pipes
  • Unix Linux permissions, Unix Linux utility programs, Bourne shell scripts, environment variables
Complex Topics for Unix Shell Scripting: 
  • command structure, Here documents, Job Control, bash Environment, Environment Variables, Using Command History, bash Variables,
  • Creating bash scripts, executing bash scripts, Debugging bash scripts, Processing command line parameters.
  • Standard command line flags, options, Commenting your scripts, Statements, The read statement, Conditional statements, if statements, case statements, select statements, test, [ ... ] commands, [[ ... ]] commands, let commands.
  • (( ... )) command, exit, break , continue statements, Operators, Testing strings and numbers, The declare command, Creating loops , for loop, while loop, 
  • until loop, Arrays, simple bash array, Handling arrays, Options , Arguments, getopts command, Functions, use a Function.
  • trap command,
  • Cleaning up, reading shell scripts, writing shell scripts, modifying shell scripts, debugging shell scripts, shell environment, regular expressions
  • text filtering with grep, sed, awk commands, conditional control statements, loops, interactive scripts, use of other shell features, variables, parameters, argument lists, shell functions, shell traps.

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