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The compulsion of assessment is made by the government or other qualified bodies in order to obtain funds for public expenditures. Purposes of Taxation are :

  • It is used for collecting revenues or funds for public needs or public expenditures.
  • To obtain stabilize prices and obtain greater production .

The structure of money supply , investments , credits , production , interest rate , inflation etc are the factors influenced by the fiscal policy instrument .Fairness , clarity and certainty , convience and Efficiency are the various characteristics of Taxation system .There are various types of taxes – Income tax , Donor’s Tax , Estate Tax , Value-added Tax and Capital gain Tax .

  • Income Tax : Fund is obtained from the tax imposed on property, possessions , trades or offices , person’s income , emoluments and profits etc .
  • Donor’s Tax :Fund is obtained from tax imposed on donations inter - vivos .
  • Estate Tax :At the time of death , Tax is imposed on the deceased person to transmit property.
  • Value – added Tax : Fund is obtained from the tax imposed on every sale , barter , exchange of taxable goods , lease of goods etc .
  • Capital gain Tax : Tax is imposed on the sell, exchange or other disposition of real property .

Our US Taxation Assignment help tutors have years of experience in handling complex queries related to various complex topics like Related topics for assignment / homework help U.S. Tax Policy Description: Official federal budget calculations currently project a flat revenue stream for the next twenty years, but expenditures are expected to explode, mainly due to commitments to Medicare and Social Security. This suggests that additional revenue may be required. Meanwhile, the current tax code is overly complex, inefficient and increasingly unpopular. Together, this creates a looming crisis that politicians and voters should be able to see clearly, but seem reluctant to address.Against this backdrop, this course examines the major features of the United States federal tax system, describes the biggest problems with the current system, and analyzes the most important reform proposals. The aim of the course is to give students a comprehensive view of how the federal government raises revenue and to provide students with substantive knowledge regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the proposals that are likely to dominate debate regarding the tax system in the next decade. 

Some of the US Taxation homework help topics include:

We will describe where the federal government gets its money. Next, to contextualize revenues, we will examine official projected expenditures, which are exploding due to entitlement programs.

We will also describe how the current rate of overall taxation relates to historical levels in the United States and to the current rate in other countries; and develop a simple analytical model enabling us to assess whether the overall level of taxation should be higher or lower. We conclude this section with an overview of the 2008 financial crisis and its long-term fiscal implications.

Generally topics like Slemrod & Bakija are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like The personal income tax and payroll taxes The lion’s share of federal revenue comes from the personal income tax and payroll taxes. We will overview both systems and discuss both average and marginal tax rates across income groups, noting the important difference between these two concepts. We will discuss the progressivity of the current system and the concept of vertical equity. e will introduce the concept of the elasticity of taxable income as the key metric for measuring the distortion of the tax system. & so on.

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Help for complex topics like:

How Progressive is the U.S. Federal Tax System ?

What is Labor Supply and Do Taxes Affect It?” American Economic Review

The taxation of corporate and investment income Among the most controversial, and most important, set of taxes are the various ways that
we tax savings and investment. This section will discuss the main taxes in this category, including the corporate income tax, dividend taxation, capital gains taxation and the estate tax. We will review the debates surrounding the so-called double taxation and proposals including corporate integration. We will also take note of the relatively unusual U.S. system for taxing multinational firms, known as worldwide taxation, and discuss the viability of taxing corporations in the face of globalization.

Tax Policy Center “Capital Gains and Dividends” The Tax Policy

Tax Policy Center “International Taxation”

Taxes and fiscal stimulus

Two years ago, it was difficult to find economists who advocated discretionary fiscal policy as a short-run tool for managing the business cycle. This changed abruptly during the financial crisis in the fall of 2008. In this section, we will review the intellectual history and empirical evidence regarding the use of tax cuts, tax incentives and government spending for managing the economy.

“Activist Fiscal Policy to Stabilize Economic Activity”

The Alternative Minimum Tax
The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is simultaneously one of the most pressing, most important, and least understood areas of tax policy. Congress patches the AMT every other year to prevent the AMT from affecting tens of millions of unsuspecting filers, but permanent reform has proved elusive.

“The Alternative Minimum Tax: Assault on the Middle Class”

The estate tax One particularly inflammatory policy has been the estate tax. Remarkably, current law calls for a moratorium on the estate tax in 2010. We will discuss why, and assess the reasons for and against the tax.

The Estate Tax Is Down, But Not Out” Tax Policy Issues and Options The Urban Institute.

Estate-Tax Returns on the Death Elasticity” The Review of Economics and Statistics,

Tax expenditures : The largest tax expenditures are either held sacred or invisible to most voters. These include the mortgage interest tax deduction, the deduction for state taxes, the exemption of employer provided health care benefits, deductions for charitable contributions, and imputed rent. In total, all tax expenditures and exemptions amount to nearly the size of the federal budget.

“Mortgage interest deduction” :Taxation of the family: A number of tax expenditures are related to the preferential tax treatment of families. This raises the thorny issue of horizontal equity. This section overviews the relevant policies, including the marriage penalty, and, as an aside, discusses research that purports to show an effect of the tax system on childbirth.

“Taxes and the Timing of Births” : Taxation of health benefits : How tax policy overlaps with health care policy. The overlap is largely due to preferential treatment for employer sponsored health care in the tax system.

Tax Policy Center “Health Insurance and Health Care” “Income Taxation of Employer-Provided Health Insurance”

The tax gap and tax evasion : One other source of additional revenue is to close the tax gap, which is the difference between actual collections and the amount of revenue the IRS believes it should be collecting. We will review the nature of non-compliance in the United States economy, and discuss the correct way to describe the socially optimal level of enforcement.

“Reducing the Tax Gap: The Illusion of Pain-Free Deficit Reduction” Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, Mimeograph.

Consumption taxation: The United States stands alone as the only high-income country without some form of a Value-Added Tax (VAT). This section will cover the basic logic of a consumption tax and the important difference between a VAT and a retail sales tax. We will also discuss versions of a consumption tax that are alive in American political debate today, including the so-called fair tax, and the flat tax.

  • Corporate Income Taxation :Revenue Code taxes corporations,tax aspects of a corporation's life-cycle,including a corporation's organization,financing,capital structure,distributions,redemptions,ultimate liquidation
  • Ethics in Business:Emarkets and regulation,moral responsibility of senior managers,corporate strategy and stockholder relations,the environment,product safety,employee rights,corporate culture and group think,racial and sexual discrimination,affirmative action,the responsibilities of American companies abroad,leveraged buyouts
  •  Federal Income Taxation:impact of taxation, federal tax law,the concept of income realization and recognition,timing of income recognition,timing and possibility of income tax deductions,tax accounting methods, reporting periods
  • Law & Legal Reasoning,law of corporations,Partnership Taxation,partnership formation and liquidation,,special allocations,basis adjustments for operating items,deductions, losses, and credits to partners
  • Regulation of Tax Practice- Tax Practice and Procedures, tax principles,tax research sources,administrative and statutory procedures and limitations,including court appeals,taxpayer and practitioner penalties and responsibilities,professional ethics for the tax practitioner

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Topics like Revenue from environmental taxes :One potential new source of revenue is the introduction of environmental levies. We will review the associated theory of how to tax externalities, with attention to the importance of revenue recycling, and the revenue impact of current cap-and-trade proposals in Congress.“A Proposal for a U.S. Carbon Tax Swap” Brookings & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems. 

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