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Value Stream Mapping Assignment Writing help, Value Stream Mapping Homework help

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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping refers to the aspect which map the process by investigating the current material and information flows that allows the organizaton to predict current system capabilities to meet  customers’ requirements i.e. the cash cycle.It is the method of creating flowchart which help in analyzing, illustrating and improving the steps required to deliver a product or service that depict various work activities and information flows . Its major objective is to analyze wastes across the value stream and offers the capability of applying the VSM process to their existing value streams.

Important topics covered by Value Stream Mapping :

  • unit of work
  • Process and measurable attributes
  • Data collection – Customer demand, Material Flow, Supplier flow,  Information Flow
  • Map Material flow data
  • Map Supplier and Information flow data
  • Determine the VSM timeline
  • Complete the current state map
  • Validate the map with the business process owners
  • Flow and Pull concepts and improvement methods
  • Complete gap analysis – identify Kaizen opportunities
  • ideal state map
  • Align VSM to strategic goals and KPIs
  •  project roadmap

Value stream mapping is a type of flow chart in which different symbols are used that is called the language of lean to improve the inventory flow and information. The main purpose of  Value Stream Mapping is to provide the optimum value to customers. The value of capability  that is provided to the customer  i.e. highest quality, right time, appropriate price. In this customer will decide that quality of product is good or not, price is appropriate or not, or it delivered to the market at right time or not.

This value stream mapping here the word value means what value is buying by the customer. And here is a planning tool for optimizing the results of waste value that can be eliminated. There are five principles to apply for streaming that customer can pull, value streaming, show value from the standpoint of end customer, product flow, perfection.In this value stream mapping , there are some products in the market that are disappoint your customer and what are their value expectations, customer expected the good quality of product, reasonable price, reliable delivery in the market. There are some states in value stream mapping i.e. current state, ideal state, future state, etc.

Topics Help For Value Stream Mapping :

  • customer value
  • Value add, value enabling and non-value adding activities
  • Elements of a Value Stream Map
  • Material flows and information flows
  • Value stream metrics
  • Current state value stream map
  • Analysing current state to identify waste
  • ideal future state
  • Customer demand
  • Continuous flow
  • Levelling
  • Kaizen improvement plan

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