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Vectors Assignment help

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Topics for Vectors

Gradients and directional derivatives
Visualisation of functions f : Rm → Rn
Scalar fields
Vector fields
Curves and Surfaces
Line Integrals
Integrating scalar fields
integrating vector fields
Gradient Vector Fields
FTC for gradient vector fields
finding a potential
radial vector fields
Surface Integrals
Kissing problem
Divergence of Vector Fields
Flux across a surface
divergence Gauss’s Divergence Theorem
Integration by parts
Green’s Theorem and Curls in R2
Stokes’s Theorem
Complex Derivatives
Complex Power Series
Holomorphic Functions
Complex Integration
Cauchy’s Theorem
Cauchy’s Formulae
Taylor’s and Liouville’s Theorem
Real Integrals
Power Series for Holomorphic Functions
Laurent Series and Cauchy’s Residue Formula
vectors Algebra
Scalar product and vector multiplication
Lines and surfaces in R2 and R3
integration through a line and surface
Divergence theorem
Green's theorem and Stokes' theorem


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