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We at Global web tutors provide expert help for Wireless Communications assignment or Wireless Communications homework. Our Wireless Communications online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant Wireless Communications homework help. Wireless Communications online tutors are available 24/7 to provide assignment help as well as Wireless Communications homework help.

Wireless communication plays an important role in the contribution of humankind. Wireless communication transmits the information and data over large distances without help of cables, forms of electric conductors and wires. The information can be transmitted anywhere in between thousands of kilometres and few meters, for instance, remote control of television works within few meters and radio communication is the example of where long distances communication needs.
GPS units, satellite television, wireless computer parts and telephones are the devices used for communication purpose.

There are some advantages of wireless communication such as:
Wireless communication has been enhanced through which information can quickly send to the customers.Professionals can access internet anytime and at anywhere without carrying wires and cables. This helps in improving the productivity.Workers, professionals and doctors used to work within remote area so that they can be in touch with medical centres by wireless technology.

Wireless communication can alert the urgent situation. By these alerts, we can provide support and help to the affected areas.

Installation and maintenance of wireless networks are cheaper than other wired networks.

But with advantages it have some disadvantages too which must avoid. Hackers can easily hack and grab the signals of wireless networks. Network must be secured so that unauthorized user can not access the wireless signals. Hacking of signals can lead to loss of information.

Wireless communication is the communication which is used to transmit information from one source to another that are not connected by electrical conductor . Information is transmitted between sender and receiver over a well defined channel . Each channel posses fixed frequency bandwidth and capacity .
Types of wireless communication are Radio transmission , microwave transmission , Infrared and millimeter transmission , light wave transmission .

Radio transmission : Transmission is omni -directional and signal can be transmitted through building , weather etc .
Microwave transmission : This transmission is used to transmit signal over large distance . No expense is used in this process.
Infrared and millimeter transmission : This transmission is used to transmit signal over short distance .signal cannot be transmitted over solid objects .
Light wave transmission : This transmission is unidirection , easy to install , unguided optical signal .

Advantage of wireless communication :
Wireless communication provides more flexibility than other communication system.
No maintenance cost is required .
It is very simple communication and can be installed easily .
Easily hacked , low bandwidth are the disadvantages of wireless communication .

There are some important topics of wireless communication such as: Overview of Wireless Networks, Fundamentals of Cellular Networks, Cellular Networking, Wireless Local Area Networks, Wireless Personal Area Networks, Mobile IP, Ad Hoc Networking, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, and Delay Tolerant Network.

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Topics for Wireless Communications  assignment help include : 

  • Wireless propagation ,Modulate digital data onto radio waves, Error detection , Error prevention, Different types of digital communications , Wireless system evolution, Types of wireless data distribution, Issues with connectivity, Routing , Transport, Wireless channel
  • Point to point communication, Detection, Diversity , Channel uncertainty,  Cellular systems,,Multiple access , Interference management, Capacity of wireless channels, Multiuser capacity , Opportunistic communication, Spatial multiplexing ,Channel modelling, Capacity
  • Multiplexing architectures, Diversity multiplexing trade off , Universal space time codes, Data communications fundamentals, Rf  techniques, Wireless communication principles, Equipment deployment,,Interconnectivity , Wiring, Unix, Wireless networking service

Help for complex topics like :

  • Wireless networking applications, Voice network technology , Wireless techniques, Security ,  Advanced data network technologies, Data centre, Virtualization technology, Server operating system technologies, Advanced network analysis, Advanced network management,Sensor array processing,Fourier based arrival estimation methods
  • Maximum likelihood arrival estimation methods,High resolution angle arrival estimation methods,Narrowband ,Broadband array signal processing,Coherent interference nulling ,Multipath problems,Robust Constrained adaptive beamforming,Smart antenna systems cellular communications,Switched beam antennas,Spatial diversity,Fully adaptive antennas ,Improved coverage range,Uplink processing
  • Low rank propagation channel models ,High rank propagation channel models,Spatial information,Temporal information ,Improved frequency reuse,Cma array,Subspace methods,Blind equalization,Principles cellular ,Wireless communication system,Frequency reuse,Hand off,Interference ,Capacity,Modulation techniques,Propagation,Channel modeling ,Equalization,Diversity,Fdma,Tdma Cdma,Wireless standards ,Amps,Is 54,Is 95,Digital cordless standards

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