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Accounting is the term which encompasses various fields like financial accounting, external auditing, management accounting, tax accounting and cost accounting which are used record financial transactions of the business. Accounting is the process of summarizing, analyzing and reporting the financial information about economic entities which is used for making decision for an organization as well as for internal use by management.

Few topics are:

  • Sources and recording of data
  • Verification of accounting records
  • Accounting procedures
  • financial statements
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Accounting principles and policies

Accounting is the system with the help of which each and every organization identifies records, verifies and interprets all financial information. It represents profit and loss for a given time period and also shows the nature and value of liabilities, assets & owners’ equity in any organization.

Basically accounting is used to keep all financial records safe and secure. In any organization there are lot of things and activities that is done in terms of money so, lots of transactions take place in a day in an organization and it is not possible to keep their records manually because there are many transactions related to day to day activities so, accounting helps to maintain records of these transactions which is called financial information.

Each and every business organization work in dynamic surroundings that can be change any time and to achieve success the business organizations has to be accept these changes and accounting helps them to make right decision at right time. In a business organization any new approach will affect the business. Accounting serves as an efficient tool for measuring the organization’s monetary position.

There are several objectives of accounting that differ from organization to organization it depends on their necessities. Some business organizations used accounting to keep systematic record of the day to day activities and some used accounting to ascertain the results of operations because it helps to make right decision at right time.

Topics for Accounting  help :

  • Accounting Information System, Financial Accounting and Accounting Standards, Conceptual Framework Underlying Financial Accounting
  • Income Statement and Related Information, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow, Intangible Assets,Cash and Receivables, Acquisition and Disposition of Property
  • Plant and Equipment, Investments
  • Management Accounting,Information Systems and the Business Environment, Economics, Legal Obligations in Business
  • Fundamentals of Business Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Accounting Information Systems and Control Issues
  • Companies and the Law, Finance for Managers,Corporate Finance,Auditing Theory and Practice, taxation Theory and Practice, Computerised Methods in Accounting,Management Accounting
  • Global Business Environment, Financial Accounting,Quantitative Methods for Accountant, Auditing Theory and Practice
  • Corporate Governance,Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in Accounting,Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Intermediate Management Accounting, Law and the Business

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  • Live help for Accounting online quiz & online tests, Accounting exams & midterms;

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Complex topics covered by Accounting Online experts :

  • Analyzing transactions:accounting equation, accounting elements, Analyze business transactions, Show the effects of business transactions on accounting equation, Prepare and describe the purposes of a simple income statement
  • statement of owner's, equity, and balance sheet, three basic phases of the accounting process.,  Double-entry framework, Define the parts of a T account,  Journalizing and posting transactions, adjusting entries and the work sheet
  • Prepare end-of-period adjustments, Prepare a work sheet, Describe methods for finding errors on the work sheet, Journalize adjusting entries, Post adjusting entries to the general ledger, Explain the cash, modified cash, and accrual bases of accounting
  • Financial statements and the closing process, Prepare financial statements with the aid of a work sheet, Journalize and post closing entries, Prepare a post-closing trial balance, List and describe the steps in the accounting cycle
  • Accounting for cash, Describe, how to open and use a checking account, Prepare a bank reconciliation and related journal entries, Establish and use a petty cash fund, Establish a change fund and use the cash short and over account
  • Payroll accounting: employee earnings and deductions, Distinguish between employees and independent contractors Calculate employee earnings and deductions , payroll records Account for employee earnings and deductions 

Help For Complex Topics are:

  • payroll record-keeping methods, Payroll accounting: employer taxes and reports, Describe and calculate employer payroll taxes, Account for employer payroll taxes expense, Describe employer reporting and payment responsibilities.
  • Describe and account for workers' compensation insurance, Accounting for sales and cash receipts, Describe merchandise sales transactions,  merchandise sales accounts,  accounts receivable ledger
  • Prepare a schedule of accounts receivable, Accounting for purchases and cash payments, Define merchandise purchases transactions, merchandise purchases accounts and compute gross profit, 
  • accounts payable ledger, Prepare a schedule of accounts payable, Special journals,  identify transactions recorded in special journals,  sales journal
  • cash receipts journal, purchases journal, cash payments journal, Accounting, Accounting information.
  • Accounting concepts, Financial literacy, Financial accounting, Cost and management accounting, Accounting information systems, Financial accounting, Auditing, Strategic management accounting, Performance measurement and evaluation
  • Revenue and cost management, Financial statement analysis, Research methods in accounting, Governance issues in accounting, Financial accounting research, International accounting, Contemporary auditing research
  • Research in management control, Research in revenue and cost management, Public sector management and control, Accounting information and capital markets, Dissertation in accounting for honours
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Statistics,Business Law,Finance,Business Information Systems,Micro Economics,Management Accounting,Intermediate Financial Accounting ,Income Tax , Auditing,Financial Management
  • Macroeconomics,Management Accounting - Intermediate,Advanced Financial Accounting,Advanced Auditing,International Strategic Management

Few Topics are:

  • financial statements
  • business decisions
  • balance sheet
  • income statement
  • cash flow statement
  • sales revenue
  •  receivables, and cash
  • cost of goods sold and inventory
  •  long-lived assets and depreciation,
  • amortization
  •  current and long-term liabilities
  •  owners' equity
  • investments in other corporations
  • financial statement analysis
  • international issues

Complex Topics are:

  • Management Accounting
  • financial reporting
  • accounting policies and regulations
  • capital markets
  • accounting information

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