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Air Pollution Engineering Assignment Help | Air Pollution Engineering Homework Help

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Air Pollution Engineering

Air pollution engineering refers to the engineering or controlling of pollution occurs through air in atmosphere which consist of two major components i.e air pollution control and air quality engineering. The air pollution control deals with the formation of air pollutant and analyzing options for mitigating or preventing air pollutant emissions.The Air quality engineering identify  the physics and chemistry of pollutant interactions in the atmosphere by dealing with  large-scale, multi-source control strategies.

Important topics covered by Air pollution engineering :

  • Air Pollutants
  •  Natural Cleansing Process in the Atmosphere  
  • Meteorological Processes
  • Atmospheric Circulation
  • Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  • Air Quality Regulations
  • Air Quality Modeling   
  • Technology for Air Pollution Control      
  • Effects of Air Pollutants  
  • Toxic Pollution
  • Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming
  • Ground Level Ozone Pollution
  • Ozone Depletion
  • Acid Rain
  • Noise Pollution

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Topics for Air Pollution Engineering Assignment :

  • Industrial Accidents, Air Pollutants, Sources of Air Pollution, Emission Inventory, Air Pollution Index, Air Pollution in Asia, Related Internet Sites
  • Natural Cleansing Process in the Atmosphere, Basic Meteorological Processes, General Atmospheric Circulation, Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  • Atmospheric Stability, Boundary Layer Development, Effect of Meteorology on Plume Dispersion, Wind Velocity, Beaufort Scale, Wind Rose, Local Climatological Data
  • Air Quality Regulations, Air Quality Regulations, Air Quality Standards, PSD Program, NA Area Regulation, NESHAP's, NSPS's, Stack Height Regulations
  • Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, International Treaties - ISO 14000, Related Internet Sites, Air Quality Modeling, Types of Plumes, Flow Regimes of a Plume
  • Plume Rise, Ambient Air Concentration Modeling, Gaussian Dispersion Models, Plume Dispersion Parameters, Computer Programs
  • Related Internet Sites, Technology for Air Pollution Control, SO2, VOC and Hydrocarbons, Particulate, NOx, CO, Odor, Related Internet Sites, Effects of Air Pollutants
  • Effects of Various Pollutants, Effects of Criteria Pollutants, Risk Assessment, Related Internet Sites, Current Issues, Toxic Pollution, Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming
  • Ground Level Ozone Pollution, Ozone Depletion, Acid Rain, Noise Pollution, Related Internet Sites, Air Pollution Instrumentation, Air Quality
  • Air Pollutant Formation and Dispersion, Particulate Air Pollutant Control Methods, Gaseous Air Pollutant Control Methods, Water Quality, Water Pollutant Formation and Dispersion, Water Pollution Control: Physical Methods, Water Pollution Control: Chemical Methods
  • Water Pollution Control: Biological Methods and Sludge Treatment, Air and Water Project Presentations, air pollutants of interest, Air pollution impacts, regulations,
  • aerosols, aerosol properties, Light attenuation by aerosols, visibility, Visibility cont., impact of aerosols on human health, Basic principles of atmospheric chemistry
  • Sulfur chemistry, Ozone formation, Aqueous chemistry, Stratospheric chemistry, Air pollution meteorology, Gaussian plume equations, Climate change, greenhouse and whitehouse effects, Control of particulate matter, Control of gaseous pollutants

Complex topics covered by Air Pollution Engineering Assignment : 

  • Physical composition of the atmosphere, chemical composition of the atmosphere, Impacts of and on climate, Physical characteristics of gaseous 
  • chemical characteristics of gaseous , particulate air pollutants, atmospheric reactions of air pollutants, Air quality trends relative to existing standards
  • Impacts of air pollutants on living environments, Impacts of air pollutants on non-living environments, Atmospheric chemical reactions, Atmospheric chemical modelling
  • dispersion of air pollutants, Air quality management philosophies , Air quality management strategies, Monitoring/control techniques , strategies for air pollutants, Social legal aspects relating to air pollution control
  • Economical legal aspects relating to air pollution control, political legal aspects relating to air pollution control, moral legal aspects relating to air pollution control
  • Air quality information systems, Carbon footprinting, Noise pollution, light pollution, Air pollutants, Effects on humans beings , Effects on environment
  • Sources of air pollutants, Pollutant concentration, emission measurements, Chemistry in the atmosphere, Dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere
  • General Ideas in Air Pollution Control, better process design, After-treatment processes, Alternative approaches, Particulate Control
  • Control mechanisms, Size distributions, Wall collection devices, Dividing collection devices, Indoor air quality, Regional Issues, Global Issues, Global warming
  • Stratospheric ozone depletion, Acid rain., Long-range transport, Hazardous air pollution, Urban smog, Pollutants from power production , Mechanisms of pollutant formation in combustion
  • Photochemical pollutants and smog, atmospheric dispersion, Pollutant generation from internal combustion engines , stationary power plants
  • Methods of pollution control ,exhaust gas treatment, absorption, filtration, scrubbers,,Measures Of Atmospheric Composition, Atmospheric Pressure
  • Simple Models, Atmospheric Transport, Air Pollution in Cities, Geochemical Cycles, Greenhouse Effect,Aerosols,Chemical Kinetics,Stratospheric Ozone, Oxidizing Power Of The Troposphere, Ozone Air Pollution
  • emission sources,atmospheric chemistry ,removal processes,meteorological phenomena ,air pollution control technologies,acid rain,ozone depletion ,air quality connections

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