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Aircraft Structures Assignment help, Aircraft Structures Homework help

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Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Variational Methods in Structural Mechanics ,calculus of variations; transformation of the stress and strain tensors. Axioms: Hamilton's Principle and the Principle of Virtual Work. Kinematic and natural boundary conditions. dynamics of rods and beams. Applications to aerospace structures.
  • Flat Plates- Variational treatment of the mechanics of rectangular plates subjected to transverse suction loading and/or in-plate loading. Kirchoff's shear and variationally consistent set of boundary conditions. Levy's method. Rayleigh-Ritz solution using assumed approximate modes; critical buckling stress.
  • Fibre-Reinforced Composites
    The stress-strain relations for specially orthotropic and generally orthotropic laminae; analysis of layered laminates subjected to extensional and bending stresses.
  • Structural idealisation -Boom-skin models of stiffened structures such as the fuselage and the wing. Shear flow in idealised thin-walled sections. Shear lag in thin walled structures.


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  • Levy's method ,Kirchoff's shear and variationally ,Fracture mechanics ,Failure investigation
  • Rayleigh-Ritz modes ,Buckling stress ,Active vibration damping
  • Smart materials ,Vibration isolation ,Smart structures
Aircraft Structure Statics:
  • Aircraft Structures and Materials: design, Analysis concepts of aircraft structure, elementary mechanics of solids, Structural elements in aircraft structures, Mechanical properties of aircraft materials.
  • Essential Analytical Tool: Elasticity, Concept of displacement,  strain and stress ,  Static equilibrium conditions,  Linear elastic stress-strain relations,   Plane elasticity 
  • Structural Mechanics :Torsion ,  Torsion of uniform bars ,  Bars with circular sections , Bars with rectangular sections ,  Closed single-cell sections ,  Multi-cell sections 
  • Bending and Flexural Shear :Simple beam theory ,  Bidirectional bending ,  Transverse shear in beams ,  Deformation of thing-walled beams 
  • Shear Flow in Thin-Walled Sections :Concept of shear flow ,  Shear center ,  Shear flow in open and closed sections ,  Combined flexural and torsional shear flow,  Multi-cell closed sections 
  • Material Selection and Failure Prediction :Failure Criteria for Isotropic Materials, Failure criteria for brittle materials, Yielding of ductile materials, Fracture mechanics , Fatigue Failure 
  • Elastic Buckling: Buckling and its sources, Elementary buckling analysis, Buckling of structures, Post buckling behaviors
  • Variational Methods in Structural Mechanics:  calculus of variations, transformation of the stress and strain tensors, Axioms, Hamilton's Principle , Principle of Virtual Work, Kinematic and natural boundary conditions, dynamics of rods and beams, Applications to aerospace structures.
  • Flat Plates: Kirchoff's shear and variationally, Levy's method, Rayleigh-Ritz modes, critical buckling stress
  • Fibre-Reinforced Composites:The stress-strain relations , analysis of layered laminates 

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