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MEMS 1045 : Automatic Controls

  • modeling of mechanical systems 
  • classical feedback control theory
  • single-input-single-output systems

Topics for Automatic Controls Assignment help

  •  principles of automatic controls
  • Emphasis on systems
  • considering their mechanical
  • hydraulic
  • pneumatic
  • thermal
  • displacement
  • First and second order linear systems
  • Introduction to system analysis techniques
  • Nyquist and Bode diagrams and applications in system design

Topics for AER E 531. Automatic Control of Flight Vehicles

  • Applications of classical control theory
  • automatic control of flight vehicles
  • Spacecraft attitude control
  • Control of flexible vehicles
  • Linear quadratic regulator design applications

Topics for MECH 466 Automatic Control

  • Process characteristics
  • system characteristics
  • transient response
  • closed loop
  • block diagrams 
  • transfer functions
  • control actions
  • stability
  • Nyquist diagrams
  • Bode diagrams
  • root locus methods
  • frequency response
  • system compensation
  • nonlinear control systems
  • digital computer control

Topics for Introduction to automatic controls

  • Change of variable,Lagrange formula,superposition principle,eigenvalues,polynomial,stability,invariance,Routh’s criterion,linearization,reachability,observability analysis,Kalman’s decomposition
  • Laplace transform,transfer function,frequency response,Bode diagrams,linear systems,filters,non minimum phase system,polar diagrams,stability of  linear ,Static performance,dynamic performance
  • sensitivity analysis,Bode’s integrals,synthesis of linear control system,control architectures,PID controllers,Discrete time systems,bilinear transformation,linearization,Z-transform,frequency response,sampling
  • Shannon,aliasing,discretization methods,digital controllers,Decoupling schemes,LQR control,Kalman-Bucy filtering,Sector nonlinearities,control systems,transfer functions,basic servo theory,stability analysis
  • root locus techniques,graphical methods,Applications to analysis,design of mechanical systems,emphasizing hydraulic,pneumatic,electromechanical devices

Topics for Automatic controls 

  • control systems,Mathematical models of systems,State variable model ,design of state variable feedback system,Feedback control system characteristics ,performance of feedback control systems
  • stability of linear feedback systems with time delay,Frequency response methods. ,Performance specifications in frequency domain ,design of feedback control systems,Robust control systems. ,Digital control systems.
  • intelligent control,Principles of advanced control methods ,Modern control forms  ,Advanced PID control forms ,Intelligent PID control ,Predictive control methods and algorithms ,Robust control methods
  • Hybrid control algorihtms,Dynamic system modeling,control system stability,performance analysis, compensator design by Bode and root locus methods

Help For Complex Topics Are:

  •  Modelling and mathematical description
  • dynamic systems in the time and frequency domain
  • Bode and Nyquist diagrams
  • Methods for stability analysis
  • PID controller
  • lead-lag design
  • Robustness of feedback systems

Few Topics are:

  • Analysis of automatic control systems
  • transfer function
  • time response and frequency response
  • control system

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