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Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Assignment help | Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Homework help

Get custom writing services for Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Assignment help & Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Homework help. Our Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Online tutors are available for instant help for Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics assignments & problems.

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Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Properties ,States, equilibrium Preface ,Phase rule, phase surfaces, steam tables
    First law, energy ,processes, efficiency ,open systems ,processes ,open-system energy balances ,thermodynamic cycles
  • Second law, directionality of processes ,entropy ,open and closed systems
    ideal gases, mechanical energy balances ,Rankine cycle ,Exergy ,molecular view of entropy
  • Intermolecular forces ,Equations of state, van der Waals
    Generalized compressibility charts ,Equations of state, mixtures ,Thermodynamic web ,Departure functions
  • Conditions for equilibrium, Clapeyron equation ,Mixture properties, partial molar properties
    Multicomponent phase equilibria, chemical potential ,Fugacity ,Activity coefficients
  • Models for activity coefficients, fugacity of solids ,Phase equilibrium ,Liquid-liquid & solid-liquid equilibrium, colligative properties
    Chemical reactions ,(Th) Equilibrium constants ,Calculating chemical reaction equilibrium
  • Electrochemical reactions, multiple reactions ,Point defects in solids


Help for complex topics include:

  • Intensive and extensive properties,Steam tables,Ideal gas law,Forms of energy : kinetic potential and internal
  • Thermochemical data: heat capacity, latent heats,Heats of reaction,Application to process equipment,Joule-thomson expansion and liquefaction
  • Determination of partial molar properties, Multicomponent phase equilibria, Fugacity, Fugacity in vapor phase, Fugacity coefficients
  • Mixing of ideal gases, Fugacity in liquid phase, Ideal solutions and henry’s law, Acitivity coefficients, Excess gibbs energy, Models for binary activity coefficients: margules
  • Van laar, Wilson, Ntrl, Fugacity in solid phase, Vapor-liquid equilibrium, Raoult’s law, Bubble-point and dew-point calculations
  • Non-ideal liquids and azeotropes, Applications for flash and distillation process , Activity coefficients from vle data, Solubility of gases in liquids
  • Heterogenous reaction, Multiple reactions, Gibbs phase rule, Reaction equilibria via minimization of gibbs energy
  • Volumetric properties and heat effects, 2nd law,  Flow processes, Phase equilibrium & solution thermodynamics, Equations of state, Principle of corresponding states, Van der waals eos, Cubic eos : redlich-kwong, Peng-robinson, Soave-redlich-kwong,
  • Virial eos : beattie-bridgeman, Benedict-webb-rubin, Eos for liquids and solids, Compressibility charts: lee-kesler,
  • Maxwell relations and cyclic rules, Departure functions, Joule-thomson expansion and liquefaction
  • Phase equilibrium criteria for pure substances, Application: clapeyron equations, Gibbs-duhem equations
  • Open and Closed Systems ,Equilibrium and Stability Criteria

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Few Topics are:

  • multicomponent systems.
  • thermodynamic properties
  • ideal and non-ideal mixtures
  • criteria for equilibrium
  • chemical potential
  • fugacity and activity coefficients
  • flash calculations
  • Gibbs energy minimization
  • thermodynamics of chemical reactions

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