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Computer aided design is a combination of visualization, design and analysis.  Designing part is represented the 2 D and 3D geometric modeling of a parts. This section also including the modeling, part creation, drafting, creating drawing along with different views, and also the assembly of the designed part or component. The second section of the computer aided design is analysis; this refers the optimization and finite element analysis of the part.

Firstly the model of the part or component is created then the analysis such as stresses, volume, load and moment of inertia etc of that part has been done through that designing software. CAD offers visualization  , it refers  to the computer graphics  including creating the pie charts , rendering a model , shading of a model , contour plots , animation, sizing  etc . 

Some of the homework help topics include :
  • 3D modeling and viewing , Features , Drawing and dimensioning , Assemblies , Curves , Surfaces , Sheet metal and weldments , Sustainable design , Tolerancing , Analysis , Prototyping and STL files
  • NC part programming , Injection molding , Role of CAD in mechanical design, Sketching, Solid modeling, Engineering drawings, Parametric curves and surfaces
  • Rotation, translation, scaling and projection matrices, Computer-Aided Design tools , applications , sketching, 3D modeling, parametric curve, surface modeling, engineering drawings
  • Part Modeling Concept, Assembly Modeling Concept, Structural Analysis Process , Manufacturing Process Concepts , CAD Packages and Architectures, Engineering Graphics, Design Information and Visualization, Spatial Visualization, Product Development Engineering Graphics,Engineering Representations,Orthographic Representations,Model Sectioning,Design Standards,Descriptive Geometry,Visibility, Multilayer Geometry Concepts, Graphic Entity Standards, Geometric Determination,Constraints

  • Solid Modeling,Parametric Modeling, Associative Design Concepts,Design Environment,Graphics Environment,Model Architecture, Geometric Visualization, Geometric Features, Datums, Placed, Sketched, Three-Dimensional Operations, Sketch Based 3-D Genesis, Geometric Entities, Dimensioning and Constraints,Dimensional Relations,Iterative Design Methods,Sketched Features,Extrude Operations,Revolve Operations, Placed Features, Holes, Rounds, Chamfers, Shells, Drafts,Symbolic Representations,Standards,Surface Modeling,Static Assembly Modeling,Degrees of Freedom, Assembly Constraints, Matte, Align, Insert,Geometric Relations and Parameters,Operators, Functions, and Variables

  • Graphic Functions,Simultaneous Equations,Geometric Instancing,Geometric Model,Dependence Relationship,,Repeated Assembly Operations, Component Interfaces,Bottom-Up Design Concepts,Component Identification,Relations and Rules,Top-Down Designs,

  • Generation Rules and Constraints,Reference Geometry,View Management,Representation Styles,Cross Sectional Display,Allowances and Tolerances,Limits and Fits,Preferred Hole/Shaft Fit Standards,Statistical Approach,Geometric Tolerances,Surface Finish Requirements,Gauging and Measuring, Shrinkage and fit allowances,Engineering Drawing and Detailing,Standards, Formats, Unit Systems,Projection Views,

  • Isometric Representations,Cross Sections,Ordinate Dimensioning,Tolerance Descriptions,Exploded Views, Bills of Materials,Geometric Relations and Associativity,Part and Assembly Modeling,Geometric Patterns,Dimensional and Directional Types,Rotary Axial and Dimensional, Sweep and Blend Operations,

  • Three-Dimensional Principles,Trajectory Based Generation,Helical Geometry,Variable Section Sweeps, combined Sweep-Blend Operations,Iterative Design Concepts,Parent-child relationships,Inheritance,Feature Dependency / Independency,

  • Geometric Suppression,Feature Reordering,Geometric Groups,Feature and Group Operations,Dependent Geometry,Duplication Methods,Iterative Design Tools,Standard Components,Standards and Libraries,Table Driven Geometry,Standard and Custom,Family Type Geometry,Industry Libraries,

  • Analytic Features,Materials and Mass Properties,Surfaces and Volumes,Mass Products and Moments of Inertia,Flexible Geometry,Mechanism Design and Simulation,Design and Simulation Process,Model - Analyze - Results Overview,Degrees of Freedom and Constraints,Mechanism Connections,

  • Mechanism Bodies,Constraints and Connection Sets,Motion Axis Connections,Pin, Slider, Cylinder, Planar, Ball, Bearing,Connection Sets,Slot Connections, Cam-follower, Gears, Belts,Prescribing Motion,Drivers: Servo Motors,Constant, Ramp, Cosine, Cycloidal, Parabolic, Polynomial,Kinematic Analysis,

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Help for complex topics like :

  • Representation , interpretation of curves, surfaces, solids, Parametric curves , surfaces , solid modeling, Use of CAD software , CAD, CAM integration, Computer numerical control, CNC programming languages

  • process planning,3D CAD, modelling, assemblies and drawings with SolidWorks. Mechanisms, analysing, references, features, relations.,drafting: Lines, scales, views, sections, dimensioning, tolerances and surface finish,Assembly drawing and detail drawing, Role of CAD in mechanical design,Sketching,Solid modeling,Engineering drawings,Assembly modeling,Parametric curves and surfaces,Rotation, translation, scaling and projection matrices,Measure Definitions,Result Evaluations,animation Display,Dynamic Modeling,Dynamic Entities,Mass Properties,Friction Models: Coulomb and Viscous,Elastic Models

  • Linear and Tensional Springs,Impact: Newton Coefficient of Restitution,Drivers,Gravity Loads,Servo Motors,Force/Torque Loads,Model Analysis,Initial Conditions,Force Balance,Model Evaluations,,Graphic Representations,Simulation Display,Trajectories, work envelopes,Cam Synthesis,Gear Generation,Structural Simulation and Analysis,Types: Models, Elements, Meshes,Surface and Volume Regions,Materials and Material Properties,Failure Criteria,Idealized Models,Plane Stress and Stain Models,Axisymmetric Models,Beam, Shell, Mass, Spring Idealizations,Structural Loads,Force and Moments,Bearing Loads,Centrifugal,Gravity Loads,Pressure,Mechanism Loads,Structural Constraints,Displacement Constraints,Planar, Pin, Ball Constraints,Mirror and Cyclic Symmetry Constraints,Assembly Weld and Fastener Constraints,Structural Analyses,Static, Modal, Large Deformation,Contact Analyses,Convergence and Adaptivity,Result Processing and Display,Fringe, Vector, Graphs,Stress: Principal, von Mises.,Animation Displays,Feasibility Studies and Design Optimizations,Behavioral Modeling,Measurement Features

  • Finite element analysis (FEA) in computer-aided design, Finite element formulation, First-order and second-order elements, Stiffness matrix, Integration points and stress recovery, Convergence and mesh refinement
  • FEA of plane stress and plane strain problems,axisymmetric problems,nonlinear materials,contact problems,large deformation problems, dynamic problems,fracture mechanics
  • hardware and software implementation,manufacturing processes
  • numerical control programming,documentation,interfaced to the CAD/CAM database
  • computer aided mechanical design ,SolidWorks 3D CAD software ,components and assemblies ,generation of drawings

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