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Computer Graphics Assignment Help | Computer Graphics Homework Help 

Globalwebtutors is known to have excellent team of Computer Graphics Assignment experts with years of proven experience in Computer Graphics Assignment help & Computer Graphics homework help.

Our Computer Graphics Online tutors are helping students with weekly Computer Graphics homework assignments & the final year projects with excellent grades.

Please send your Computer Graphics assignments at  support@globalwebtutors.com in order to get the instant help with Computer Graphics assignment. Or else upload it on the website & discuss with a chat agent.


Some of the Homework help topics include :

  • Graphics Systems and Models ,Graphics Programming : OpenGL ,Input and Interaction in OpenGL ,Geometrical Objects and Transformations in 2D and 3D, homogeneous coordinates, matrix representation, windows and viewports
  • Viewing in 3D, projections, hidden surface removal ,Light, shading and materials. Illumination and Shading, light sources, (surface detail, ray tracing, radiosity)
  • From Vertices to Fragments : modeling, geometry processing, rasterization, fragment processing. Clipping, hidden surface removal, antialiasing.
  • Discrete techniques: buffers, bit and pixel operations, texture mapping, compositing  ,Programmable shaders : OpenGL shading language, fragment shaders, cub and bump maps.
  • Modelling Techniques, trees, scene graphs ,Curve and surface representation  , Advanced rendering techniques: ray tracing, radiosity, image based rendering.

Few topics for Advance Computer Graphics Assignment help :

  • Procedural modelling: fractal geometry, modelling with fractals, particle systems, L-systems.
  • Model acquisition: Laser scanning; surface fitting; occlusions and hole-filling; The Rendering Equation, basic ray tracing, primary and secondary rays, shadow feeler rays, reflection and transparency. Real-time ray tracing.
  • Monte Carlo ray tracing. Importance sampling, variance reduction methods. Path tracing, bidirectional ray tracing , Radiosity: Principles: energy exchange between surfaces, implementation approaches, rendering techniques ,Volume rendering:
  • Spatial Enumeration and culling : Spatial enumeration, grids, AABBs, HBBs. Culling techniques ,back-face, view frustum, portals, occlusion culling.
  • Viewing in 3D: Orthogonal and projective views, hidden surface removal; Shading and Materials: Illumination and shadows, light sources; From Vertices to Fragments: curve and surface representations,Orthographic transformations,Polygonal models, Implicit and parametric surfaces
  • Realistic synthetic objects and characters, Biological structures from imaging data, Mixed reality, Visual surveillance, Modeling and inferring geometric, Photometric, Reflectance,Modern lighting models, Rendering Equation, Textures, filtering
  • Image Formation,Graphics Systems,Hierarchical Modeling & Viewing,Projection & Stereo,Shading,Clipping & Vertex Shaders,Images & Color Spaces,Rasterization,Texture Mapping,Texture Coordinates,Visibility,Fragment Shaders,Bezier Curves,Polar Forms,Subdivision Surfaces
  • Programmable shaders: Shading language, vertex and fragment shaders ,Scientific Visualization: CT/MRI datasets, color composting, transfer functions,OpenGL State Machine, PPM files,GLUT,Interactive CG,Line Drawing Algorithms,Triangle Rasterization,Linear Algebra,Homogeneous Coordinates,Transformations,Perspective Matrix .

Computer Graphics questions help services include :

  • 24/7 Chat, Phone & Email support .
  • Monthly & cost effective packages for regular students;
  • Live help for Computer Graphics online quiz & online tests, exams & midterms;

Help for complex topics like:

  • Gouraud & Phong Shading,Texture Mapping,Shadow Maps,Pathtracing,framebuffers
  • Hierarchical modeling, hidden surface elimination,anti aliasing
  • Polyhedra, Scene hierarchy,Transformations of objects,Acceleration Techniques,Bounding volumes,Space subdivision, From ray tracing to projecting polygons,  Sutherland Hodgman clipping,Weiler Atherton clipping, Clipping, Polygon rasterization, Visible surface determination, Scan conversion, Z-buffer, Interpolated  shading
  • Back face culling,Shadow volumes ,Shadow buffer ,Shadow mapping,nature of light ,Transport theory,Radiosity ,radiance equation ,Radiosity method ,Substructuring,Progressive refinement ,Parametric surfaces ,Bezier Curves ,B-Splines Curves
  • frame buffers,affine transformations,visible surface determination,
  • Color theory, affine and projective geometry, hidden-surface determination
  • Procedural models,rotation, scaling, affine ,GLSL programming ,WebGL ,Phong shading ,Gouraud shading ,fragment shader ,attenuation effect ,projection and rasterization, visibility,shading, shadows and lightening simulations.

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