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 Control Systems

It is the system which is made by large number of interconnected components to obtain the desired output response . Measurement of output is also termed as feedback signal . Two types of Control System - open loop Control System and close loop Control System .

  • Open loop Control System : It includes controller and control actuator to obtain the desired output . It includes process , output response and actuating device. 
  • Close loop Control System : It includes feedback to compare the original output obtain to the desired output response . It includes controller , process , measurement device , desired output and actual output

Steps of Control System design are

  • Control goals are established
  • Identifying variables which are to be controlled
  • System configuration are established and identify actuator
  • Models are obtained for system , actuator and sensor
  • Parameter are optimized and finally analysis the performance

Example of Control System – Automobile steering Control System , coordinated Control System for boiler generator , computer Control System etc .

Some of the homework help topics include :

  • State Space Analysis, Relationship To Transfer Function Method,Controllability And Observability, Multivariable Plant, Computer Simulation,Stability Considerations,State Variable Feedback
  • Digital Control System, Design And Realisation Of Digital Controllers, Adaptive Controllers,Nonlinear Systems, Phase-plane And Describing Function Techniques
  • Liaponov's Method Of Stability Analysis, Design Of Controllers For Non-linear Systems, Variable Structure Systems, Transfer Functions, Block Diagrams, Time Response Characteristics, Stability, Sensitivity

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Help for complex topics like :
  • Frequency Response Characteristics, Controller Design , Pole Placement,Lead-lag Compensation, ,industrial process control,process control strategy,Elements of a feedback control loop,Industrial instrumentation
  • General aspects of industrial instrumentation,Sensors, transmitters, and transducers,Final control elements,Modeling of industrial processes, Modeling of representative processes,Linearization of Nonlinear models,Transfer functions and block diagrams
  • Dynamics of industrial processes,Dynamic behaviour of first and second-order processes,Dynamic behaviour of higher-order processes, Block diagrams,Closed-loop transfer functions,Responses of closed-loop Control Systems,Stability

Some Topics Are:

  • open loop and closed loop systems, ,multivariable Control Systems.,Mathematical Modeling o,Electro Mechanical),differential equations, Determination of transfer function 
  • reduction techniques ,signal flow method,Laplace,transformation function, inverse Laplace transformation,Time Response Analysis ,Characteristic Equations
  • parabolic inputs.,Transient response analysis,steady state errors and error constants,Transient & steady,state analysis of LTI systems,Control System Components
  • Constructional and  concept of ac,servomotor,synchronous ,stepper motor,Stability and Algebraic Criteria,Routh-Hurwitz criteria and limitations
  • Root Locus Technique,Frequency Response Analysis,correlation ,polar and inverse polar plots,Bode plots,Nyquist stability criterion,gain margin and phase margin
  • M and N Loci, Nichols chart.,The design problem a,lag and lead-lag networks,,frequency domain.,proportional, derivative and integral controllers

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