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Database Theory and Applications Assignment Help , Database Theory and Applications Homework Help

Global web tutors is an Online Database Theory And Applications Coursework help provider for Database Theory And Applications assignments & homework . Our Database Theory And Applications assignment help services & Online Database Theory And Applications experts are available 24/7 to provide solutions for Database Theory And Applications assignment problems. Online Database Theory And Applications experts are helping students struggling with Database Theory And Applicationss assignment questions across the globe. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant Database Theory And Applications homework help.

  • Theory of databases, Theory of query languages, dependency theory, deductive databases
  • incomplete information, complex objects, object-oriented databases, finite model theory, descriptive complexity

Logic and Database Theory

  • Propositional , Predicate logic, syntax, semantics, Deduction, Inference, Truth tables, Decidability of propositional logic, Mathematical proofs, Proof by contradiction, Induction , structured induction, Hilbert systems, Axioms, inference rules for propositional logic, Axioms, inference rules for predicate logic, Tableau, Tableau construction , propositional logic , predicate logic, Soundness
  • completeness theorems , first order logic, Semi decidability of first order logic, Finite computation methods, Finite state machines , Regular languages, Kleenes theorem , Finite state machines with stacks, Applications of predicate logic, predicate logic in information technology, relational databases, software engineering, artificial intelligence, Databases, Database management systems
  • DBMS, relational database, essential concepts, data model, architecture , primary functions of the DBMS, SQL, use of SQL , language for database construction , data manipulation, Database design, structured method , designing relational databases, data modelling, schema specification, validation , normalisation
  • Database systems architecture,Storage structures and access techniques,Relational model,Relational algebra and calculus,normalization of relations,hierarchical and network models,Current database systems

Relational database design
Advanced SQL
Query optimisation
Concurrency Control
Database security
Advanced PL/SQL

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