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  • Signal Processing ,Fundamentals of Acoustics and vibration ,Musical Instrument Acoustics
  • Noise Control Engineering ,Ocean Acoustics & Biomedical Ultrasound
  • Electroacoustics ,Aeroacoustics ,Architectural and Building Acoustics
  • Human Responses to Sound and Vibration ,Active Control of Sound and Vibration
  • Numerical Methods for Acoustics

There are appropriate ways which will be applied for the analysis of sound fields and of sound conductivity at high frequencies within which the wavelengths are little as compared to typical distances traversed by the sound. The Energy-based ways which may be used for the analysis of vibrations and acoustics issues in such circumstances, includes selecting among variety of various ways to explain acoustic fields. 

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • The wave equation
  • Plane waves and spherical waves
  • Acoustics homework help

Generally topics like Impedance, power, intensity, directivity are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Microphones, sound level meters, sound intensity probes, spectrum analyzers & so on.Engineering Acoustics and Noise Control Assignment help tutors have years of experience in handling complex queries related to various complex topics like Nature of sound

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Data processing: analog to digital conversion, FFT, windowing, sampling
  • Sound transmission and control
  • Human response to noise (OSHA standards)

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Topics like Environmental noise & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.

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Audio and acoustics subdisciplines, survey
  • Fundamental quantities, fourier review, mass and vibration,Damping, complex exponential solutions, forced oscillation,Resonance, electrical circuit analogies,Acoustic wave equation,Harmonic plane waves, intensity, impedance
  • Spherical waves, sound level, db examples, Radiation from small sources, Baffled simple source, piston radiation, Near field, far field, Radiation impedance, Demos, speed of sound measurement, Ear, hearing, Demos,
  • hearing and detection, Environmental acoustics and noise criteria, Osha, architectural isolation, Example calculations, Architectural acoustics, reverb, Absorbing materials, direct-reverberant ratio,
  • Relationships among music, audio, acoustics, and electronics, Audio engineering, Audio engineering, units, concepts, Microphones, Studio electronics, Analog storage, Loudspeakers, Digital audio, Cd and dvd principles, Audio dsp
  • Multimedia audio, mp3, Smpte and synchronization, Midi, Distributed-parameter analysis of acoustical systems, Wave equation, Plane waves and traveling waves, Standing waves, boundary conditions, and characteristic impedance,
  • Simple sources and arrays of sources, Energy and power, Lumped-parameter analysis of acoustical systems, Generalized lumped-parameter circuit elements, and laws of interconnection, Mechanical circuits
  • Acoustical elements and circuits, Radiation impedance, Magnetic and electrostatic transducers, Equivalent circuits for mechano-electro-acoustical transducers, Baffles, enclosures, and microphones, Room acoustics,
  • Sound in rectangular enclosures: time and frequency analysis, Normal modes of vibration in regular enclosures, Statistical characterization of sound in irregular enclosures, Reverberation time and other design criteria
  • Sound transmission through walls, Interaction of sound and man, Auditory physiology and perception, Acoustics of speech production, Perceptually-based speech and music coding, and to virtual acoustic environments,
  • Vibration, Vibration waves, Plane and spherical waves, Decibles fluid interfaces, Reflection, Transmission, Images ,absorption & attenuation, Real fluid effects, Pipe resonance, Muffler elements, Networks, Muffler system.
Engineering Acoustics
  • Properties of sounds waves , noise metrics, pressure, power levels, Sound sources , propagation, Principles of wave propagation in one dimensions, two dimensions, three dimensions,
  • Wave reflection , transmission, Wave propagation in rectangular, cylindrical , annular ducts, Acoustics fields for model noise sources , aerodynamic noise sources in aircraft, aircraft engines , wind turbines.
  • Properties of sounds waves, noise metrics, pressure, power levels, Sound sources, propagation, Principles of wave propagation
  • Wave reflection, transmission, Wave propagation in rectangular, cylindrical, annular ducts
  • Acoustics fields for model noise sources, aerodynamic noise sources in aircraft, aircraft engines, wind turbine
  • Wave propagation in 1-dimension
  • Spherical wave propagation.
  • Time and frequency domain representations of complex waveforms.
  • Reflection and transmission through a plane interface.Cavities, resonators and waveguides
  • Simple and finite sources,including dipole,line and planepiston sources
  • Noise, signal detection, hearing and speech
  • Architectural acoustics
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Musical Acoustics.
  • acoustic terminology,measurement,transmission,perception of sound,muffler design,noise control techniques

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