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Finite Element Modeling Assignments help, Finite Element Modeling Homework help

Globalwebtutors provide premium Finite Element Modeling Assignment help services for complicated problems & questions. We provide customized help with Finite Element Modeling assignments & homework. Please send your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant help with Finite Element Modeling assignments. Analyzing structures for their mechanical characteristics can be done in closed form only for very simple geometries.

The deflection of a cantilevered beam, for instance, can be accurately predicted only for small displacements and well known boundary conditions using the beam equations as set up by Euler. If the cross section of the beams varies too widely or the boundary conditions aren’t defined well enough, those equations can no longer be used with an acceptable degree of accuracy. Structures such as the bed or bridge of a machine tool are frequently too complex for any closed form solutions.

Their behavior under loads, such as cutting forces, can only be predicted using Finite Element Analysis techniques. Here, the geometry to be analyzed is represented by elements of finite size that share common points (nodes). Each node has a certain degree of freedom and all nodes together form a matrix that represents the stiffness matrix of this particular geometry.

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Few topics for Finite Element Modeling coursework help:

  • numerical methods
  • FEM applications
  • Software packages 
  • The basics of working with the ANSYS programme
  • Basis commands
  • File structure
  • Principles of FEM model design 
  • Loads and boundary conditions
  • Type of analysis and solution conditions
  • Evaluation and interpretation of results using ANSYS postprocessors 
  • Matrix operations
  • Solution of systems of algebraic equations
  • Inverse matrix
  • Gaussian elimination

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Complex topics covered by Finite Element Modeling Online experts :

  • LU and Cholesky decomposition
  • Iterative methods
  • Gauss-Seidel method
  • Jacobi method. 
  • solving a structural problems using FEM
  • Direct formulation of stiffness equations 
  • Variational formulation of finite bar element stiffness matrix
  • Extended element stiffness matrix
  • Global stiffness matrix of the structure assembly
  • primary unknowns and reactions
  • Solution of truss system
  • Isoparametric elements
  • Principles of numerical integration 
  • Types of FEM elements
  • Beam element
  • plane stress element and plane strain element
  • axisymmetric element
  • solid elements
  • shell elements. 
  • Solution of nonlinear problems
  • Material and geometric nonlinearity
  • Contact problems 
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Basic equation
  • Mass matrix
  • Damping
  • Modal analysis
  • Modal shapes and frequecies. 
  • Harmonic response analysis
  • Spectral analysis
  • Transient dynamic analysis 
  • FEM in heat conduction
  • Heat conduction equation
  • Boundary conditions
  • One-dimensional rod 
  • Steady-state and transient solution of heat transfer problems 
  • Solution of coupled problems 
  • Advanced options for working with the program ANSYS
  • Parametric design language ADPL
  • Batch mode
  • Import of data from several CADs
  • finite element method
  • transformation of a continuous system
  • discrete system 
  • simple discrete systems 
  • associated variational methods
  • small deformation for static and dynamics problems
  • large deformation for static and dynamics problems
  • commercial package ANSYS

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