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Our History Assignment help tutors help with topics like Global History of Modern Times,America and Vietnam,American Families,Colonial Lives , Southern Africa ,Adam Smith Philosophy and Political Economy ,African Diaspora in the Americas ,Alcohol in Sub Saharan Africa 1850 to the Present ,Cultural and Political Origins of an Ambivalent Empire ,Culture and Society in Early Modern France ,20th Century Japan ,American Populisms Thomas Jefferson to Rush Limbaugh ,American Public Life in the 20th Century.


History is the area of study that deals with the past events such as people, country and place. The main objective of history is to provide the knowledge about past events. History is the field of social science that deal with the social relationships. There are various branches of history which are listed below:

  • Religion history - It is the study of the historical origins and development of religion in past.
  • Cultural history – Cultural history is the history of culture in ancient times which includes the study of anthropology.
  • Diplomatic history – It is the branch of history that deals with the relationship of nations and causes of wars.
  • Economic history – Economic history is the branch of history that tells about the economic aspects of past.
  • World history – It is the branch of history that deals with the study of whole world events.
  • Intellectual history – Intellectual history is the history of that deals with the evolution of ideas and thought.
  • Gender history – Gender history deals with the approach of gender in past.
  • Public history – Public history refers to the implementation of historical method who are working outside the organization such as in private organizations, government organizations and many more.

The main purpose of history is to study about the inquiry, knowledge and required investigation. It is the study of different important past which is particularly related to human. It’s also defines the study which are related to different past events and its particular relate to humans. History studies are related to collection, presentation , organization, and interpretation of the different information system. Scholars and people who write about different movements of history are normally called historians.

Whereas some event occurring prior through there written records are called and considered as prehistory. History is generally teaches and studied in a academic discipline, where it uses as a narrative to examine and sometimes to analyze the different sequence of parts events. The stories which are studied in history are generally documented and identified through a particular common culture  as for examples some of the kings. History can teaches as a part of cultural heritage, and legends also because they do not show any interest and investigate in any discipline of history. History is totally influenced through ancient stories as well as ancient culture. Now days the modern study of the history is huge and wide raging and it’s also included and evolved through centuries and continue to change for today.

Some of the complex assignments help topics for History assignments:

  • Western Intellectual History ,Early Modern Author ,North American Borderlands History.
  • Ottoman State and Society ,Overlapping Spheres Jewish Life in Early Modern Europe.
  • Premodern Vietnam ,Sacred and Secular Power in Medieval Europe.

American  ,Carolingian Civilization ,Cold War Summits ,Anti War Movements in Modern U.S. History ,Breaking Headlines The History of News ,British Colonial Violence in the 20th Century ,Care of the Soul ,Central Europe ,Charlemagne and the Birth of Medieval Civilization ,Humans and Germs in  Conference Course ,Identity in Classical Antiquity .

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History assignments are really important especially the typical topics like Intellectuals and Auschwitz ,International History Empires and State systems ,International History States Markets and the Global Economy ,Mainland Southeast Asia From Colonies to Independent Nation Conference Course ,Marriage Sex and Family in Western Europe ,Medieval History and Cinema ,Medieval Law ,NewYork from 1900 to 9/11 are really complex & the complete knowledge of the History concepts is required to handle the assignments on these topics of the history. You can send us your history assignments at support@globalwebtutors.com & our history tutors are available 24/7 on phone, chat & email. Our History help is available at undergraduate, graduate & the research level.

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Few more topics include:
  • Science and Religion in American Public Culture ,Social Thought in Modern America ,The Evangelical Tradition,Tagore and his Times ,The Protestant Reformation ,The US in the 1960s,Religion and Popular Culture in 19th-Century Europe,Ottoman State and Society.
  • Islam Law and the State Historical and Global Comparisons,Japanese Internment in the United States and Beyond ,Law,Society,and Culture in Modern China and EastAsia ,The Frankfurt School and Religion Conference Course ,Society and Environment in Latin America.
  • The Worlds of Joseph Conrad ,The History of Sub Saharan Africa to 1860 ,The Human Sciences in the Modern West ,The Indian Ocean in Comparative Perspective ,From Gaul to France ,Historical Ontology ,Japanese Imperialism and the East Asian Modern.
  • The Emergence of the Modern United States ,The European Renaissance and Reformation ,The Renaissance in Florence ,Understanding the Middle East ,Problems in Medieval History ,Republics and Republicanism ,Rule in Classical Antiquity.
  • Christianity and Chinese Society ,Cities and the Making of Modern Russia ,Perspectives on North America ,Crusade and Jihad in the Medieval Mediterranean ,Early American Slave Revolts ,Environmental History ,Fin-de-Siecle Vienna.
  • The Life and Reign of Catherine the Great ,The American Republic From Revolution to the Age of Jackson ,Frontiers of Europe ,German Social Thought Nietzschet Habermas ,Health Disease and Ecology in African History ,Heidegger and Arendt.
  • The Northern Side of the Civil Rights Movement ,The Origins of the Cold War The Yalta Conference(1945) ,Theories of Secularization Conference Course ,Understanding Democracy through History ,History of the Near East 600 1055.
  • The French Revolution ,The Histories of France and the United ,The History of Mexico 1810-2011,China Meets the West The First British Embassy to China ,China in the Wider World 1600 2000,French Colonial Encounters 1870 to Present ,French Social Thought.
  • History and Memory ,History of American Capitalism ,History of Sexuality in Modern West ,The Nine Lives of Benjamin Franklin Conference Course,The Middle East during the First Wave of Modern Globalization ,Vichy France ,West Africa from 1800 to the Present.

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