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Internal Combustion Engine Assignment help, Internal Combustion Engine Homework help

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Design and operation of internal combustion engines: 
  • Fluid flow, Thermodynamics, Combustion, Heat transfer, Friction phenomena, Fuel properties, Engine power, efficiency, and emissions, Types of internal combustion engines:, Spark-ignition, Diesel, Stratified-charge, Mixed-cycle engines, Electronic control systems.
  • Operating characteristics, Engine cycles and analysis, Thermochemistry and fuels, Air and fuel induction, Combustion chamber fluid flow, Combustion, Exhaust flow, Emissions, Heat transfer, Engine dynamics, Friction, lubrication and wear, ignition and ignition systems.
  • Engine performance and measurements, Vehicle performance: the engine as part of an engineering system, Engine modeling, Fuels, Combustion and knock, 4-stroke si engines, Combustion, efficiency, and fluid dynamics, Diesel engines, Combustion, Emissions.

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