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Machine Design Assignment help , Machine Design Homework Help

Services for Machine Design Assignment help & Machine Design Homework help. Our Machine Design Online tutors are available for instant help for Machine Design assignments & problems. Machine Design Homework help & Machine Design tutors offer 24*7 services . Send your Machine Design assignments at support@globalwebtutors.com or else upload it on the website.

Machine Design assignment help & Machine Design Homework help.

Tools that are used in machine design are MathCAD, TK Solver, MATLAB, CAD and FEA.

Fresh Coffee Vending Machine Interface Design ,Can Crusher Design ,Pinball Machine Design ,Pokemon Claw Machine Design 

Topics for Machine Design homework help :
  • Design and application of machine components such as brakes, clutches, gears, mechanisms, bearings, ways, sleeves, and bushings.
  • Lubrication of machine elements such as gaskets, seals, "o" rings, and fasteners. Design techniques and the design of a simple machine.
  • Stress Concentration ,Fully Reversed Stress ,Design process , Physical behavior and computer simulation
  • Materials selection , Prototyping.
  • Design for manufacture and assembly
  • Cost analysis ,Axiomatic design ,Comparative analysis of design schools , User centered design , Final design project ,Shafts: Loading and power, Stress and ,Failure, Deflection and Design,detailed design for significant components of a machine
  • Non-Zero Mean Stress ,Goodman Diagram ,Combined Loading ,Shaft Design, Keyways ,Stress Analysis Procedure ,Fracture Forensics ,Fatigue S-N Diagram ,Endurance Limits , Marin Factors
  • Design of mechanical components to avoid failure during operation , failure theories, and specific mechanical components in design context.
  • Spring Design , Joining and Fastening Methods.

Machine Design Services ensure:

  • 24/7 Chat, Phone & Email support
  • Monthly & cost effective packages for regular customers;
  • Live help for Machine Design online quiz & online tests, exams & midterms; 
  • Secure & reliable payment methods along with privacy of the customer.
  • Really affordable prices committed with quality parameters & deadline 

Help for complex topics like:

  • Rolling Element Bearings ,Bearing Selection, Radial Loading ,Combined Loads ,Gear Geometry ,Gear Loads ,Gear Stresses ,Gear Strength ,Gear Safety Factors ,Helical Springs ,Spring Stresses
  • Spring Rates ,Static Failure (Springs) ,Fatigue Failure (Springs) ,Bolt Geometry ,Bolt Strength ,Controlling Preload ,Joint Constant, C Bolt and Member Stiffness ,Bolt Factors of Safety
  • Short Shoe Brakes ,Long Shoe Brakes ,Uniform Pressure ,Uniform Wear ,Disk Clutch/Brake ,Distortion Energy ,Failure theories, Shear and Normal , Brittle Materials ,Stress Intensity, Fatigue ,Fatigue failure criteria
  • Fasteners: bolts, pins, and rivets ,Springs: Compression, Extension & Torsion ,Screws types, stresses, strengths ,Spur gears: materials, manufacturing, design, loading Gears: helical, bevel, worm,
  • Gear trains ,Keys & Couplings ,Bearings and mounts ,Fly wheels, critical speeds ,Clutches and Brakes ,Belts and chains ,Surface Fatigue ,Wear ,Welds/  ,Engineering design to an open-ended machine project ,Welding

Get instant help for Machine Designs , Report writing, case studies , thesis writing & project proposal.

Topics for Machine Design help :
  • Designs , failure modes & safety factors, statics, free-body diagrams, equilibrium of beams, bending moment & shear force diagrams, use of singularity functions
  • Vibrational & impact loading, properties of materials, tensile test & stress-strain curve, ductile & brittle materials, Young’s modulus & elastic limit, yield strength & ultimate strength, strength in compression, modulus of rigidity & shear strength, impact & fracture toughness
  • Brinell, Rockwell hardness, heat treatment & cold working, stress in mechanical components , direct & shear stresses, stress tensor, principal stresses, plane stress
  • Mohr circle diagram, 3D stress, Mohr 3-circle diagram, tension, bending, torsional stresses, superposition, combined stresses, deflection analysis of beams, statically indeterminate beams, deflections by Castigliano’s method, stress concentration effects, columns & elastic instability
  • Design for static loading , safety factors, maximum normal stress theory, maximum shear stress theory, distortion energy theory, design for fatigue loading , historical context & anecdotes, phenomenology of fatigue failure
  • R. R. Moore rotating beam test, SN diagram & endurance limit, endurance limit, modification factors, characterization of cyclic loads, Goodman diagram, load lines, safety factors, stress concentration factors in fatigue, fatigue under multi axial stresses, cumulative fatigue damage
  • fracture mechanics approach to fatigue, surface failure , surface roughness characterization, coefficients of friction, adhesive, abrasive, corrosive wear, Hertzian contact stresses, surface fatigue, spalling & pitting, Concepts from Strengths of Materials, Static/Dynamic Failure
  • Stress Intensity Factors, High-Cycle Fatigue Analysis, Bolts and Fasteners, Bearing Selection and Shaft Design, Gears, Machine Design Process, Failure theories
  • Pins, and rivets , Springs, Compression, Extension & Torsion , Screws types, stresses, strengths , Spur gears, materials, manufacturing, design, loading , Gears: helical, bevel, worm , Gear trains.
  • Solid Modeling/FEA , design process, design of machine elements
  • Spring design, Joining methods, Fastening methods, Shafts, Keys, Couplings, Bearings , Lubrication, Gear trains, Spur gears, Helical, Bevel, Worm gears, System design , Optimization, Design with microcomputers

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