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Mechanical Engineering Assignment help, Mechanical Engineering Homework help

Get custom writing services for Mechanical Engineering Assignment help & Mechanical Engineering Homework help. Our Mechanical Engineering Online tutors are available for instant help for Mechanical Engineering assignments & problems.

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Mechanical Engineering: 
  • Mechanics, Thermo-fluids, Materials, Mechatronics , Communications, Design, Mathematics, Design, Professional studies, Management, Thermodynamics, Fluids, Materials and structures, Dynamics, Control, Manufacturing, Project management, Machine tools, Management, stress and deflection analysis.
  • Manufacturing, Materials, Processes, Mathematics, Micro-mechanics, Modelling and simulation, Plant monitoring, Power plant, Environment, engineering profession, , professional societies, , engineering ethics and responsibilities , Safety and risk management, technical drawing conventions, tolerances.
  • The engineering method and problem solving , Introduction to engineering design , Introductory statistics including mean and standard deviation , Technical communications including oral, written, and graphical, Freehand sketching, , orthographic projection, , isometric projection, two- and threedimensional Computer Aided Design.
  • Mechanical Design, Design process: , Brainstorming , Decision matrices , Gantt Chart , Initial considerations , Uncertainties , Initial considerations to design , Initial consideration: Material selection , Initial consideration , Restrictions and assumptions , Decision matrix for materials , Ashby charts introduction.
  • Loading , Shock, impact, suddenly applied loads , Fatigue (definition) , SCF , Deflection analysis , Residual stresses , Initial consideration: Design criteria , Static failure , Maximum Normal Stress , Modified Mohr , Maximum shear stress , Von-Mises Yield Criteria , Fatigue Failure , Low cycle fatigue , High cycle fatigue , Stress concentration factors , Component design and selection , Components: Shafts
  • General concepts , Loads , Power transmission , Sizing based on strength , Sizing based on deflection , Natural frequency , Keys and coupling , Components: Gears , General consideration , Design consideration , Lewis equations , AGMA equations , Spur, bevel, helical, Initial consideration: Loading conditions.
  • Worm gears , Components: Bearings and lubrication , Journal bearings , Rolling contact bearing , Components: Connections , Non-permanent joints , Screws , Bolts , Permanent joints , Welds , Adhesives , Spring , Clutch/brakes , Chains/belts , Cams, Basic manufacturing considerations.

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