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Network Security Assignment Help , Network Security Homework Help

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Online Network Security Assignment help tutors are helping students struggling with assignments based on topics like topics like Digital signatures, Message Digest ,Applied cryptography, plaintext, ciphertext, symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography, and digital signatures , security of different cryptographic algorithms , common network vulnerabilities and attacks, defense mechanisms against network attacks, and cryptographic protection mechanisms ,mechanisms for identification and authentication , threats to each mechanism and ways to protect against these threats , real-time communication security ,security of web services ,non-realtime security (email security) privacy, source authentication, message integrity, non-repudiation, proof of submission, proof of delivery, message flow confidentiality, and anonymity.

Network Security

Network security is an important requirement for internet access & transfer of information. Network security is used to implement the mechanism to prevent, detect and recover from the network attacks or for auditing purposes. Network security includes basic terminologies Assets and Liabilities , Policies, Security breeches , Vulnerabilities Attacks , Threats , Threat intensity.

The elements of Network Security Policy includes Purchasing guidelines , Privacy Policy , Access Policy , Accountability Policy , Authentication Policy , Availability statement , Maintenance Policy , Violations Reporting Policy , Supporting Information. A network is said to be secured if it has deployed adequate measures for the prevention , detection and recovery from attacks.

-Information Gathering: Public sources/tools.
-Port Scanning: Find open TCP ports.
-Network Enumeration: Map the network. Servers and workstations. Routers, switches, firewalls.
-Gaining Access: Keeping root/administrator access
-Modifying: Using access and modifying information
-Leaving a backdoor: To return at a later date.

Network security measures takes three main forms End-to-End security at the TCP/IP application layer End-to End security at the transport layer Link-to-Link security at the network, data-link and physical layers.

Some of the assignment help topics include :

  • Networking Fundamentals, Network reference models (OSI and TCP/IP), Network protocols running at various layers (sliding window, PPP, CSMA/CD, IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, etc.), Application layer issues, Network protection mechanisms,Authentication techniques (CHAP, Kerberos, biometrics, etc.), Intranets and Extranets, Network address translation,
  • Attacks to Networks and Countermeasures, Attackers categorization and motivations, Basic attacks (software exploits, Math attacks, password guessing, etc.),Malicious software,Identity attacks (replay, session hijacking, etc.), Distributed denial of service attacks, Network security countermeasures,World Wide Web and Internet Security,
  • Vulnerabilities in the WWW, Email and instant messenger security challenges, FTP and remote access security issues, Encryption Mechanisms for Network Operations, Hashing algorithms and digital signature, Symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms, Public key infrastructure, Digital certificates and key management,
  • Applications of cryptography in network security, Security Protocols , Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), Secure HTTP (HTTPS), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and tunneling protocols (PPTP & L2TP), Directory services (LDAP), Wireless security protocols (WEP, WTLS, etc.),

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Help for complex topics like :

  • Confidentiality, integrity, availability, security policies,security mechanisms, assurance, Transposition/Substitution, Caesar Cipher, Symmetric cryptprimitives, Asymmetric crypto, primitives,  Hash functions, Secret Key Cryptography
  • Data Encryption Standard (DES), Encrypting large messages (ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB, CTR), Multiple Encryption DES (EDE), Message Digests , Applications, Strong and weak collision resistance, The Birthday Paradox, MD5, SHA-1, Public Key Cryptography Applications, Theory: Euclidean algorithm, Euler Theorem,
  • Fermat Theorem, Totent functions, multiplicative and additive inverse, RSA, Selection of public and private keys, Authentication ,Security Handshake pitfalls, Online vs. offline password guessing, Reflection attacks, Per-session keys and authentication tickets, Key distribution centers and certificate authorities, Trusted Intermediaries ,
  • Public Key infrastructures, Certification authorities and key distribution centers, Kerberos, Real-time Communication Security , TCP/IP protocol stack, Implementation layers for security protocols and implications, IPsec: AH and ESP, IPsec: IKE,SSL/TLS, Electronic Mail Security , Distribution lists, Establishing keys, Privacy, source authentication,
  • Message integrity, non-repudiation, proof of submission, proof of delivery, message flow confidentiality, anonymity, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), Firewalls and Web Security , Packet filters, Application level gateways, Encrypted tunnels, Cookies, Web security problems 

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Topics like Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Categories of IDS and IPS, Components and deployment of IDS, Maintenance and performance evaluation, Organizational Security Issues are really complex & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex topics including Risk analysis and network modeling, Assessing the security needs of an enterprise, Security policies for network operations, Disaster recovery and business continuity.

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