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Robotics is the branch of artificial intelligence which provide a mechanism for developing man-made mechanical devices whose motion must be modelled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled by programming. Robots are the intelligent machines that move in safe interaction with an unstructured environment and behave like human by capturing the human intelligence.Neural networks which is based on human brain helps in learning process for robots by associating inputs with the corresponding output .

  • Mobile Robots, Position, and Orientation ,Translational and Rotational Dynamics ,Flying and Swimming Robots ,Articulated Robots     
  • Transformation, Path Planning, and Trajectories ,Time Response of Dynamic Systems ,Dynamic Effects of Feedback Control ,
  • Control Systems ,Sensors and Actuators,Optimization ,Numerical Optimization ,Dynamic Optimal Control ,
  • Formal Logic, Algorithms, and Incompleteness ,Computers, Computing, and Sets ,Neural Networks ,State Estimation,
  • Stochastic Control ,Parameter Estimation and Adaptive Control ,Task Planning and Multi-Agent Systems
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Topics like forms of robot architectures ,kinematically model simple manipulator and mobile robots ,mathematically describe a kinematic robot system ,analyze manipulation and navigation problems using knowledge of coordinate frames, kinematics, optimization, control, and uncertainty ,compute forward and inverse kinematics for a small serial kinematic chain , trade-offs among position control, velocity control, and force control when solving a robot control problem are really complex & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems including stability analysis of a controller-robot system ,uncertainty modeling in robot processes , robotics algorithms related to kinematics, control, optimization, and uncertainty.

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Complex Topics:

  • Robotics : Professions/Professional Safety, Total Quality Management, Robot classifications , Design Process, Prototyping (Building) , Tooling and Dynamics Controls, Programming, Sensors and Interfacing,
  • Ethics/Environmental, Troubleshooting,Components, Object Location , Manipulator Kinematics , Manipulator Statics , Manipulator Dynamics , Mobile Robots , Task Planning , Sensors , Vision , Control
  • Robotics and growing impact on society: direct robots using computer languages for communication, computer programming constructs including variables, assignment, looping, and conditional statements. , patterns of logic and reasoning expressed as algorithms.
  • Exploring Robotics: Robotics, Construction, Locomotion, Sensing, Control, Robot Teams
  • Robotics performance : Real-world situations, Hypotheses by developing programs, observing results and modifying the programs to achieve desired results., Robot sensors to formulate a plan of action for the robot., Robots in modern society
  • Medical Rbotics: medical robotics (applications and paradigms), Basic kinematics concepts (forward, inverse, remote center of motion), Basic control concepts (impedance, admittance), Surgery for engineers,
  • Interventional radiology for engineers, Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), Human-machine interfaces, Teleoperation, Cooperative manipulation, Port placement for MIS, Robot design, Video images in MIS, Augmented reality
  • Minimally invasive surgery training, Image-Guided Interventions, Medical imaging modalities (e.g., MRI, US, X-ray, CT), Robot compatibility with medical imagers, Image segmentation and modeling
  • Tracking devices, Frames and transformations, Surgical navigation, Calibration, Rigid and non-rigid registration, Radiosurgery, Current topics in medical robotics (as time permits), Clinical applications,
  • Controversies, and outcomes:, Cardiac, abdominal, and urologic procedures with teleoperated robots, Orthopaedic surgery with cooperative robots, Prostate interventions with manual “robots”, Robotic catheters for heart electrophysiology,
  • Mobile robots in the body, Instrument-tissue interaction modeling, Autonomous robotic surgery, healthcare robots: Physically assistive robotics, Socially assistive robotics, Rehabilitation robotics
  • Medical robots and their potential applications: Kinematics, dynamics, and control relevant to medical robotics, Design and implement robotic assistance for , Minimally invasive surgery and image-guided interventions, Medical robotics and medical robotics research, Robotics in healthcare, Medical robot technology.
Topics for Robotics Engineering
  • Robotic Systems,  Robotics & Autonomous Systems ,Mobile and Humanoid Robots
  • Kinematics ,inverse kinematics of manipulators,Newton-Euler dynamic formulation,Independent joint control,Trajectory ,path planning using potential fields ,Adaptive control,Force control
  • Robot applications,Industrial manipulators,Robotic hands,Wheeled vehicles,Locomotion,Freedom ,Constraint,Object degrees-of-freedom,Joints,Kinematic mobility,Bilateral constraints,Unilateral constraints,
  • Displacement kinematics,Forward displacement for serial,parallel robots,Reverse displacement for serial, parallel robots,Displacement singularities,Static analysis,End-effector ,Joint loading for serial robots,

Topics for Robotics Engineering Assignment help:

  • Joint loading for parallel robots,General singularities,Velocity kinematics,Forward, reverse displacement for serial robots,Forward,reverse displacement for parallel robots,Mobile vehicles,Jacobians,
  • General singularities,Task planning,Trajectory planning for holonomic robots ,Ai-based path planning for nonholonomic robots,Vision,Image processing ,Feature extraction,Control of serial manipulators,
  • Parallel manipulators ,Mobile vehicles,Image acquisition ,Spatial descriptions and transformations,Manipulator forward and inverse kinematics,Differential relationships and Jacobian ,Manipulator dynamics,
  • Lagrangian and Newton Euler formulations,Design of mechanisms and end-effectors,Actuation, sensing and control,Computational geometry ,Design,Manufacture,Path planning,
  • Robotics in manufacturing and automation,Techniques,Modelling,Simulation ,Programming of robotic tasks,Advanced mathematical formulations,Advanced robotics
  • Geometric analysis,kinematic analysis,Dynamic analysis,PLC (programmable logic controller),Safety controller programming,Robot motion control,Robot tooling (particularly welding),
  • End-effector and fixture design,Safety in a robot cell,Current and future application of robotics in industry,Outside industry,Mobile robotics,Locomotion,Sensors,Perception,SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and mapping),Probabilistic techniques.
  • Tele-manipulation ,integration of haptic interfaces,Robotic assisted imaging and sensing ,Environment mapping for robot navigation , Visual-servoing and robotic control systems ,Learning and intelligent robotic actions ,Applied robotics  ,medical ,inspection ,manufacturing
  • coordinated control systems  ,self-controlled robots ,smart welfare machines, sensors based on MEMS
  • sensor networks and nanorobots  ,Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Few Topics are:

  • Kinematics and inverse kinematics of manipulators
  • Newton-Euler dynamic formulation
  • Independent joint control
  • Trajectory and path planning
  • probabilistic roadmaps
  • Adaptive control
  • Force control

Complex Topics are:

  • construction techniques
  • microprocessors
  • programming
  • computer science
  • sculpture
  • engineering
  • aesthetic design
  • microcontrollers
  • interactive constructions

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