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StaticsMobile Beam SolverStatics is a must have mobile software for every engineer (in particular civil or building), architect, Statics and Building science student.

Some of the homework help Topics include :

  • Statistics, Definition of statistics, Distinguish between a population and a sample, Distinguish between a parameter and a statistic, Distinguish between descriptive and inferential statistics, Data Classification, Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative data, Data Collection, Experimental Design, Design a statistical study, Frequency Distributions and Their Graphs, Construct a frequency distribution., Construct a frequency histogram., More Graphs and Displays, Graph and interpret quantitative data, Graph and interpret qualitative data, Measures of Central Tendency, mean, Median, mode, shape of a distribution, Measures of Variation, standard deviation, variance, Empirical Rule, Use Chebychevs Theorem, Approximate the sample standard deviation, Basic Concepts of Probability and Counting, sample space and simple events, Fundamental Counting Principle , Staticsive probability
  • Probability of a complement of an event, tree diagram to find probability, Conditional Probability , Multiplication Rule, probability of an event, independent and dependent events, Multiplication Rule, Addition Rule, Addition Rule to find the probability of two events., Probability Distributions, continuous and discrete random variables, Construct a discrete probability distribution, Determine if a probability distribution is valid, Binomial Distributions, binomial probabilities, Normal Distributions, Standard Normal Distribution, Interpret normal distribution graphs, areas under the standard normal curve., probabilities associated with normal distributions., values associated with normal distributions., Transform z-scores to x values, Sampling Distributions , Central Limit Theorem, verify sampling distributions, Interpret the Central Limit Theorem, probabilities using the Central Limit Theorem, Confidence Intervals for the Mean, point estimate, margin of error, Construct and interpret confidence intervals., minimum sample size needed , Confidence Intervals for the Mean , Interpret the t-distribution
  • Construct and interpret confidence intervals., Confidence Intervals for Population Proportions, point estimate and margin of error, Construct and interpret confidence intervals, Hypothesis Testing, State null and alternative hypotheses, Identify Type I and II errors., Identify one and two tailed tests., Interpret a decision based on statistical test results
  • Hypothesis Testing for the Mean, p-values., critical values., Perform z-tests for the mean., Hypothesis Testing for the Mean , critical values on the t-distribution., Perform t-tests for the mean., Hypothesis Testing for Proportions, Perform z-tests for the proportion., Difference Between Means , sample z-tests for the difference between means., Testing the Difference Between Means, Perform two sample t-tests for the difference between means, Testing the Difference Between Means, Perform t-tests on difference of paired data., Testing the Differences Between Proportions, Correlation, Construct a scatterplot., correlation coefficient., Linear Regressions, equation of a regression line., regression line to predict values, Sign Test, sign test to test claims about a population median
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  • Help for Essay writing on various Statics topics
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  • Help for Doctoral Dissertation in Statics

Statics questions help services by live experts :

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Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Components of a Force ,Interacting Bodies or Parts of a Structure , friction
  • Lines of Action ,Statistics weekly homework assignments , mid term exams help 

Generally topics like Moment of a Force, and of a couple; Resultants 6 are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Cross Products & so on.

If you are facing any difficulty in your Statics assignment questions then you are at the right place. We have more than 3000 experts for different domains.

Help for complex topics like :

  • Moments, Couples, Equivalent systems ,Analysis of General Equilibrium Problems , Fundamental Applications of Equilibrium Equations ,Structural Applications and Distributed Loads ,Plane Trusses, Space Trusses ,Systems Containing Multiforce Members ,Centroids and Center of Gravity ,Centroids ,Method of Composite Parts, Engineering statics,equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies
  • Equivalent force system,centroid of areas,mass moment of inertia,truss analysis, friction. ,Analysis of forces,equilibrium of two- and three-dimensional structures,frames and machines,Friction, centroids,virtual work and energy,Statics of particles ,Rigid bodies,Equilibrium of rigid bodies,Distributed forces – centroids and centers of gravity,Analysis of structures,Forces in beams and cables,Moments of inertia, Equivalent Systems of Forces
  • Analysis of Structures,Forces in Beams,Friction,Moments of Inertia for Areas,Forces in a plane,Forces in space,Trusses,Beams,Structural frames,Machines,Cables,Fricition, Moment of Intertia
  • Force equilibrium,Particle equilibrium,Moments ,Resultants,Couples,Moments about a line,Equilibrium of rigid bodies,Free-body diagrams,Equilibrium in 2d & 3d,Centroids ,Centroids of composite parts,Distributed loads,2d structural applications,Plane trusses,Frames,Internal forces in beams,Friction
  • Vector mechanics of forces and moments,couples,resultants,equilibrium of particles ,rigid bodies in two and three dimensions,forces in trusses,frames, and machines,centroids,centers of mass,internal shear forces and bending moments in beams,friction,belt friction,area of moments of inertia,parallel axis theorem

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Few Topics are:

  • rigid bodies
  • Two- and three-dimensional statics
  • stresses and deflections
  • deformable components
  • simple tension, compression, and shear
  • thin-walled pressure vessels
  • torsion
  • bending of beam

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