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UML Assignment help

A UML diagram is a diagram based on the UML (Unified Modeling Language) with the purpose of visually representing a system along with its main actors, roles, actions, artifacts or classes, in order to better understand, alter, maintain, or document information about the system.

What is UML?
UML stands for Unified Modeling Language is a modern approach to modeling and documenting software.
It is a standardized, graphical “modeling language” for communicating software design and based on diagrammatic representations of software components.UML is accepted by Object Management Group(OMG) with their Standard for modeling Software dvelopment

Types of UML Diagram:
There are several types of UML diagrams and each one of them serves a different purpose regardless of whether it is being designed before the implementation or after (as part of documentation).
These Diagrams are categoreis into two distinct groups

1)Structural UML Diagram
-Class Diagram
-Object Diagram
-Component Diagram
-Composite Structure Diagram
-Deployment Diagram
-Package Diagram
-Profile Diagram

2) Behavioral UML Diagram:
- Activity Diagram
-Use Case Diagram
-Interaction Overview Diagram
-Timing Diagram
-State Machine Diagram
-Communication Diagram
-Sequence Diagram

Advantages of UML Diagram:

* it is the most useful method of visualisation and documenting software system design
*it is effective for modeling large and complex software systems.
* it is simple t learn but provide advanced features for expert analysis.
*it can specify systems in an implementations -independent manner.
Disadvantages of UML Diagram:
*still no specification for modeling of graphical user interface.
* poor for distributed system.



Few Topics for Unified Modeling Language Assignment Help
  • UML case diagram ,UML sequence diagram ,UML statechart diagram ,UML acivity diagram ,UML component diagram ,UML object diagram ,UML collaborative diagram
  • Object Oriented Technologies and the UML Method,UML Language ,Elements,models,Object Oriented software development,Design Patterns,Technological Description of Distributed Systems,Requirements Analysis Using Case Modeling,
  • Analysis of system requirements,Actor definitions,case goal,Use Case Diagrams,Use case relationships,,Case Modeling,Actors,Use cases,Relationships,Supplemental document,Flow of events,,Interaction Diagrams,UML Method, Operation,
  • Object Interface, Class,Sequence Diagram,Flow of Events,,The Logical View Design Stage: The Static Structure Diagrams,Attributes descriptions, Operations descriptions, Connections descriptions in the Static Model, Association,
  • Generalization, Aggregation, Dependency, Interfacing,,Multiplicity,Use Case Realization,Traceability diagram,Class Diagram Model,Documentation of the Model, Connections, VOPC Class Diagram,Roll, Multiplicity, Package Diagram Model,
  • Dynamic Model: State Diagram / Activity Diagram, Component Diagram Model, Deployment Model
  • UML Class Diagram, UML Activity Diagram, UML Use Case Diagram, UML Sequence Diagram , Profile Diagram, Interaction Overview Diagram, Component Diagram, Collaboration Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram, Deployment Diagram, Object Diagram, Timing Diagram, State chart diagram , Object and class diagrams, Sequence and collaboration diagrams, State charts and activity diagrams, Use Case diagrams, Component and deployment diagrams, Diagram interrelationships, UML Notation.

  • UML Object Diagrams, UML Collaboration Diagrams, UML State chart Diagram, Rational Software Architect, process modeling and algorithm design, UML Component Diagram and Deployment Diagram, UML Package Diagrams & Tools such as Argo UML, Magic Draw UML, Umbrello Eclipse, Star UML, BOUML, Net Beans.

Help for Complex topics include :

  • Development and OO Modeling ,Three models, Class Model, State model and Interaction model.
  • link and association, Generalization and Inheritance, Advanced class modeling- aggregation, Abstract class metadata, constraints.
  • Event, state, Transition and conditions, state diagram, state diagram behavior, concurrency, Relation of Class and State models.
  • Use case Models, sequence models, activity models
  • Development stages, Domain Analysis-Domain class model, domain state model, domain interaction model, Iterating and analysis. Application Interaction model, Application class model, Application state Model, Adding operation.
  • Estimating Performance, Making a reuse plan, breaking system into subsystems ,identifying concurrency, allocation of subsystems, management of data storage, Handling Global resources, Handling boundary condition ,design patterns
  • class design ,designing algorithms recursing downward,refactoring, design optimization, Rectification of Behavior
  • Modeling ,Structural Modeling,Classes,Relationships,Common mechanisms,Behavioral Modeling,Interactions,Interaction diagrams
  • Activity diagrams,Events and signals,State machines,State chart diagrams,Architectural Modeling,Architectural Modeling: Components,Deployment,Component diagrams,Deployment diagrams
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